Why do you want to work here? – Interview answers

Why do you want to work here/ for us/ for this organization?

This is a simple but very important question, which shows that whether you learn thoroughly about this company or not. It can be an advantage if your expectation matches with the current value available in the company.

1. Answer structure:

The answer extent of this question include:

• I just found out the job recruitment and I do not have much information about the company.
• I am interested in and impressed by the company so I apply for this position.
• Emphasize the strengths of the company, for example: is the number one brand in…; has the technical level of….; is the number one in the field of …..

2. Answer tips:

Study thoroughly the company that you are going to apply in to see what advantages they have for the customers and staff.

• Famous brand.
• High quality products.
• Is highly rated in the list of companies employees want to work for.
• Career promotion opportunities.
• Company’s development ability.

3. Answer samples

Sample 1: Your company is introducing, as I think, a new wind in ABC region. I am sure your success in this region will be guaranteed and I’d like it very much to have an opportunity to develop my career with the company in this region.

Sample 2: Working in your company is not only offering me the opportunity to work in a highly professional environment, but also giving me the opportunity to work for one of the most successful and reputable firms. I wish to have such opportunity to help with the company goals and sharing my broad experience with your experts as a team.

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