Why did you quit your last job? – Interview answers

One of the most frequent questions in any interview is that “Why are you leaving your last job?” or
“Why did you quit your last job/position?” or
“Why did you leave your last job?” or
“Why are you leaving your last job?” or
1. Answer structure

Give the reason why you leave your last job.

Explain the reason in 1 minute.

Reason samples:

• Applying for a more challenging position.
• Having a chance to work in a larger and more robust organization.
• Opportunity to work in a more technologically advanced environment.
• Salary increase.
• Applying for a more senior position.
• Termination of contract (date).
• Change of profession or area of expertise.
• Further education.
• Travel.

2. Answer tips

• Give the best reason, do not mention too many.
• Do not talk bad your last company, your boss or your colleague.
• Do not emphasize the past; focus on the reasons and the answers towards your future. Clearly point out your targets and career orientation.
• If the company downsizes or stops doing business in certain field, give the reason and number convincingly.

3. Answer samples

Sample 1

There is no longer chance of developing with my current company. I am looking for new challenge to further develop. I am looking for a company where I can contribute more with my better qualification and where I can grow better within a team-focused environment.

Sample 2

I quite appreciate the experience I have with my last company; however, as I see my career path is not forwarding very well, I decide that now is the time for me to leave and look for new development opportunities.

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    I’m going to interview a purchasing agent what are questions and answers??


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    because i want to grow my self and i want to become a carrier as a executive housekeeper.

  3. M Syam kumar says:

    since my proprietor is 75Yrs old and recently had heart problems he has no succeeder,he winded up the business

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    Hey M Syar kumar, could you please send me your email or contact numb? My mail is naila_hajieva@live.ru

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    i have 8 years experence in stores. I work very well, but at the time of interview i am not answer the interviewer questions. any training program is available for interview

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