What is job analysis

1. Definition of Job Analysis

Job analysis is the systematic method of jobs to identify work activities, tasks, and responsibilities, KSAs, working conditions to perform the job.

2. Purpose of job analysis

Purposes of job analysis are to identify:

• Job description & specification
• Recruitment and Selection:
• Job evaluation
• Job design
• Compensation:
• Performance Appraisal:
• Training:
• Compliance with labour law

3. Job analysis process

Process of job analysis includes 8 steps as follows:

• Step 1: identify purpose of job analysis
• Step 2: selecting the analysts
• Step 3: selecting the appropriate method
• Step 4: train the analysts
• Step 5: preparation of job analysis
• Step 6: collecting data
• Step 7: review and verify data
• Step 8: develop a job description and job specification

4. Job analysis methods

• Methods of observation includes direct observation; work methods analysis, including time and motion study and micro-motion analysis; and the critical incident technique.
• Interviews methods includes structured interviews; unstructured interviews; open-ended questionnaires
• Methods of questionnaire include Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ); Functional job analysis; Work Profiling System (WPS); MOSAIC; Common Metric Questionnaire (CMQ); Fleishman Job Analysis System (FJAS).
• Task Analysis Inventory
• Job element method
• Diary method
• Competency profiling
• Examining Manuals/reference materials
• Technical conference
• Combination of methods etc
• Checklists and rating scales

5. Reference documents:

Process of job analysis
Methods of job analysis
Job analysis questionnaires
Job analysis sample (near 10 forms of job analysis).
Purpose of job analysis
Classification of job analysis methods
Practical problems with job analysis
Information source of job analysis
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Author: Davi Ngo, hrvinet.com

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    […] Job analysis is process of collecting job information. Results of job analysis are job description and job specification. Job description is a statement of job information, job purpose, job duties. Job specification is a statement of knowledge, skills, abilities, experience needed to perform "job description". […]

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