Transportation KPIs

Transportation KPIs (key performance indicators) include:

1. Empty miles: Percentage of miles (trips) that carried no inventory/freight.
2. Optimize Load Fulfilment (OLF) %.
3. Claims as % of freight costs: Calculated by dividing total loss and damage claims by total freight costs. Generally measured in total and for each carrier.
4. % of undamaged goods after shipping/transportation.
5. Vehicle time utilization: Time that vehicles are used as a percentage of total planned utilization time.
6. Quantity per shipment.
7. % of free orders delivered cost: Percentage of the cost of free orders delivered as a (sample or bonuse …)from the total transportation cost.
8. Average Freight Revenue per Ton-Mile.
9. Accessorials as percent of total freight: Calculated by dividing accessorial and surcharges by total freight expenditures for the period.
10. Average number of stops per trip.
11. Amount of Fuel per Package.
12. Net tonne kilometre (NTKM): Net tonne kilometre is the summation of every one tonne moved one kilometre. NTKM takes into account the change in loadings as well as distance.
13. Fuel usage / Ton / Km: Fuel usage per Tonne Kilometer, indicates the specifications of one trip or one day.
14. Transportation quality of service: Quality of service is measured through comparing the number of shipment arrived within the target LT for the transport Vs. the actual LT for the transport it simply equals:
15. Fuel costs / Ton / Km
16. Ad-hoc transportation requests rate: Measures the percentage met of ad-hoc transportation requests, e.g. Lower volume.
17. Greenhouse gases emitted per mile traveled.
18. % of orders delivered with damaged products/items.
19. Freight cost per unit shipped: Calculated by dividing total freight costs by number of units shipped per period.
20. On-time pickups: Calculated by dividing the number of pick-ups made on-time (by the freight carrier) by the total number of shipments in a period.
21. Ontime delivery and pickup: % of shipments which were delivered ontime upon the total number of goods..shipments.
22. Damages as % of throughput.
23. Transit time: Measured by the number of days (or hours) from the time a shipment leaves your facility to the time it arrives at the customer’s location.
24. Fleet average per vehicle emissions of greenhouse gases
25. Freight bill accuracy: Calculated by dividing the number of error-free freight bills by the total number of freight bills in the period.
26. % of orders/items arrives at the right location.

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