Technical assistant job description

Technical assistant job description include key duties:

1. Provides administrative support to technical staff.

2. Reviewing incoming mail for technical staff and determine course of action.

3. Preparing own correspondence and, as requested, correspondence for others.

4. Transcribing dictation to final copy and finalizing draft documents.

5. Coordinating and arranging travel plans and appointments.

6. Conducting analysis of information and reports to group or individual.

7. Ensure legal compliance of OEA packaging, both suitability for purpose and disposal.

8. Strive to minimise environmental impact of packaging, operations, and waste management.

9. Facilitate new product development, product reviews, evaluation of competitors products and benchmarking OEA products.

10. Assisting the T.D. in evaluating and implementing ISO 14001.

11. Check incoming raw materials and ensure compliance with specifications, physically, microbiologically and organoleptically.

12. Liaise with laboratories re.sampling protocols and evaluate results with T.D.

13. Carry out environmental and personnel swabbing and ATP evaluation of hygiene systems.

14. Helping OEA maintain its BRC “A” grade Global Food Standard and assisting with internal audits to ensure that best practice is maintained..

15. Assisting with technical sales, devising specifications and production passports for new products. Liasing with customers and informing relevant OEA personnel.

16. Dealing with technical customer complaints and briefing the T.D.

17. Assisting with auditing and evaluating suppliers.

18. Evaluating and trialling new machinery for food processing and improving production processes.

19. Collects and coordinates data needed by technical staff.

20. Reviews and verifies information which may include source documents, policies, claims files, summons & complaints, salary data, etc.

21. Coordinates materials or special projects for assigned technical staff or individual which may include preparing material/reports, distributing, editing, formatting and proofreading material.

22. Maintains records and data utilizing various automated systems which may include creating database/server, developing tracking systems/spreadsheets, setting up files, etc.

23. Resolves problems and/or discrepancies which may involve research and data collection.

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