Task inventory

1. Definition of task inventory method

A task inventory is a list of the discrete activities that make up a specific job in a specific organization.

Another definition: A task inventory is method to identifying—with the help of employees and managers—a list of tasks and their descriptions that are components of different jobs.

The list of task itself is not a job description, it is a method used in job analysis.

2. History of task inventory method

This method was initially developed by US military. This method was used when a large number of jobs in an occupational category are to be analyzed and incumbents can not be interviewed individually.

3. Task inventory process:

• Incumbents can respond to tasks listed by interview.
• Rate the frequency, time spent of each task by analyst, supervisors, incumbents…
• These tasks then allow inferences about KSAs needed to perform the job
• The rating scales allow inferences about weighting KSAs & tasks in selection

4. Four key criteria for a good task inventory:

• Immediate: Task unit intermediate in specificity; between job function and procedure.
• Discrete: Each task distinguishable; definite beginning and ending.
• Active: Action verb and object of each action.
• Comprehensive: all work activities concerned/..

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