Stages of career development

Stages of career development

The main stages in a career cycle include: development stage, exploration stage, establishment stage, ageing stage and declination stage.

1. Development stage:

This stage begins from birth and normally lasts until 14 years old. This is the period in which children want to affirm themselves and have been affected very much by the relationship with family, school and society.

In the beginning of this stage, Games play an important role in developing children’s recognition.

In the end of this stage, children have developed ideas about their own hobbies and abilities, maybe with some practical ideas about their future careers.

2. Exploration stage:

This stage often lasts from 15 years old to 24 years old. In this period, people have many different career choices and they often tend to choose job careers they have been counseled, tutored or the jobs they think will fit their abilities and wishes. The most important in this stage is that people need to develop a broad knowledge and a variety of job skills.

3. Establishment stage:

This stage is from the age of 25 to 44. This is the main stage in the career of a person.

In the beginning of the stage, some people have found their suitable jobs and these helped them have long and settled standings in their career lines. As usual, people pursue their original career choices, but there are still many people considering that this stage is only a trial period to continually test their skills and incentives for advancement in career.

Establishment stage includes 3 periods:

3.1. Trial period:

From the age of 25 to about 30, in this period, people work primarily to find out whether the career choice they made is suitable or not.

3.2. Stable period:

Normally from the age of 30 to 40, in this period, people often have identified their own career goals and have specific plans to decide what should continually be done to reach those goals. There are two tendencies, continuing the path chosen or turning to another job career.

3.3. Mid – Career crisis period:

This period lasts from mid thirties to mid forties. During this period, people often compare what they have tried to pursue, the difficulties in career they have, what they have to sacrifice, the loss they have endured to follow their career path as well as their career ambitions with the achievements they have got in career such as position, salary and so on.

4. Ageing stage:

This period continues from the age of 45 to 60. There are many people who jump directly from stable period to this stage without having experienced all the difficulties and failures in mid – career crisis period.

5. Declination stage:

Declination stage is the final stage when people are old, less healthy and clairvoyant. In this period, the sense of responsibilities toward the job has decreased and they must accept the new role of the young generation.

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