Senior accountant key performance indicators

Senior accountant key performance indicators

This article shall present you with some sample KPIs in relation to the position of a Senior accountant for your dashboard. This KPI article shall provide you with useful tips for measuring marketing activities such as market research, strategies, promotion or online marketing…

I. Steps to develop KPIs for a Senior accountant:

In order to develop a KPI system for this position, you may comply with the following steps:

1. Establish functional objectives of a Senior accountant for certain periods of time (weekly, monthly, bi-annually, annually);

2. Establish key result areas (KRA) for a Senior accountant to comply with;

3. Establish task checklist;

4. Establish operational procedures for each task;

5. Determine methods to achieve each KRA, task or procedure;

6. Create KPIs for a Senior accountant

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II. Mistakes in developing KPIs:

Developing KPIs for the job is a key element to its successful performance. This is an important task for every department and division and must be integrated into the company’s policy. A KPI system will not only be useful for measuring performance, its implementation throughout the organization shall help enhancing the overall performance.

However, in developing and implementing KPI systems, one should take following matters into account:

• Do not create too many KPIs; an adequate KPI system should consist of only 3-5 KPAs.

• KPI may change subject to certain circumstances. No fixed KPI is recommended.

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