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Top 74 sales KPIs

The selling activity in the organization is carried out by the sales-force. Sales management is the process of attaining the sales-force goals through the activities of planning, staffing, training, leading, and controlling the sales-force or organizational resources. It is imperative for the management to cultivate and nurture an efficient sales-force towards enhancing the sales productivity, revenue and sources of funds. It is the most important function of sales management.

How to make benchmark of sales KPI

• Determine sales functions.

• Identify sales goals.

• Indentify sales tasks.

• Establish sales procedure.

• Define key performance indicator to perform stated goals, functions, tasks and procedures of sales.

Top 74 Sales KPIs include KPIs as follows

1. Customer care KPI

Customer care KPIs include KPIs such as frequency impact to customers, the rate of service charges / profits etc.

2. Customer appraisal KPI

They are KPIs related to appraisal customer such as number of new customers, average sale per VIP customer etc.

3. Complaints of customer KPI

They include KPIs such as Complaints are resolved in the first time, the rate of complaints by sector etc.

4. Market share KPI

They are KPIs related to market share of company such as market share of the company compared with the entire market, relative market share etc.

5. Customer loyalty KPI

These KPIs measure customer loyalty of company. Some KPIs are total customer lost, the rate of lost customers lost after purchasing first time etc.

6. Shops and supermarkets KPI

Some KPI of this sector such as the rate of profit / per shop, sales turnover / location. These KPIs measure effectiveness of sale channel of shop or supermarket.

7. Sales contact by telephone KPI

These ratios relate to effectiveness of contacting by telephone of salesman.

8. Sales rep KPI

These ratios relate to effectiveness of sales representative staff such as the rate of response / total sent, time to answer a request by customers.

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