Restaurant supervisor job description

Restaurant supervisor job description

This post includes contents of job profile/title such as: job purpose/role, job functions, key duties/responsibilities/tasks list and other documents related to Restaurant supervisor position.

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Key duties/responsibilities of Restaurant supervisor

You can ref some job descriptions for Restaurant supervisor as follow:

Job description sample 1

1. Ensure that department goals are communicated, understood, and met by hourly associates

2. Coordinate tasks and work with other departments to ensure that the department runs efficiently

3. Work with management to ensure that newly hired hourly associates receive orientation training

4. Counsel hourly associates on work related concerns and issues to ensure satisfaction and productivity enlisting the support of management as needed.

5. Listen to hourly associates’ suggestions for improving how work is done and guests are served. Gain management support as needed to act upon suggestions.

6. Work with management to ensure that hourly associates have the necessary resources to effectively perform their jobs (e.g., supplies, equipment, and inventory.

7. Ensure that hourly associates are trained on technical and service aspects of the job (e.g., food or room preparation, customer service)

8. Work with management to ensure that hourly associates clearly understand their job roles, responsibilities, and performance expectations

9. Address guest concerns, requests, or issues either individually or by enlisting the help of others (i.e., management and hourly associates)

10. Give constructive feedback to hourly associates to help them do their jobs better

11. Act as a “bridge” between management and hourly associates to facilitate department operation (e.g., keep managers appraised of hourly associate activities, issues, challenges, etc.)

12. Collaborate with management to develop and carry-out ideas and procedures to continuously improve department performance around GSS scores.

13. Enforce compliance with LSOP/SOP (e.g., safety, OSHA, department-specific procedures such as food standards)

14. Collaborate with management to recognize and celebrate hourly associate performance contributions (e.g., department-specific recognition programs)

15. Manage basic human resource issues/concerns of hourly associates enlisting the support of management as needed.

16. Collaborate with management to develop and carry-out ideas and procedures to continuously improve department performance around AOS scores

17. Participate in Guarantee of Fair Treatment process as an hourly associate’s first point of contact

18. Conduct day-to-day shift or oversee department operation (e.g., conduct shift briefings, ensure shift coverage)

19. Serve as an individual contributor and department role model by performing technical or functional job duties (e.g., check-in/out, food preparation, room preparation).

Job description sample 2

1. Assist in training and motivation of staff menu/job knowledge and daily specials

2. Assume responsibility of daily operation of all assigned outlets.

3. Assist in working toward positive financial results.

4. Assist in ensuring that scheduling functions are performed accurately and on a timely basis.

5. Ensure staff are keeping areas/grounds free of debris for presentation and safety.

6. Assist in maintaining a highly motivated and well-trained staff.

7. Open and close shift in accordance with manager’s checklist.

8. Initiate aggressive Member interaction through seeking and soliciting feedback from Members.

9. Train, maintain and enforce all DCC service standards using use records, menus appropriate reference materials.

10. Properly execute revenue and check control procedures on shift.

11. Handle daily associate relations (e.g., scheduling, time adjustments).

12. Maintain a safe and sanitary work environment for all associates and Members.

13. Assist with Management in gathering and implementing all proper tools for running shift, (e.g., schedules, floor plans, reservations, checks).

14. Find solutions for problems such as call outs, last minute bookings or any other daily problems that may arise.

15. During shift, ensure that Members are satisfied by assisting with serving, seating, and communication with kitchen and by striving to speak to all guests.

16. Be on the floor during entire meal period and ensure adequate coverage.

17. Conduct taste panels and menu classes on a daily basis for restaurant.

18. Ensure that only a quality product is being served.

19. Monitor hours and staffing on a daily basis, for restaurant, with accurate scheduling in line forecast and budget guidelines.

20. Ensure all side work is done on daily basis.

21. Maintain proper associate uniform standards with self and AM staff; and footwear which is slip resistant, enclosed toe and heel.

22. Manage an effective repair and maintenance program through the use of work orders, inspections, etc.

23. Assist any associate in his/her job performance, when required, to ensure guest satisfaction.

24. Understand and teach empowerment principles to ensure guest satisfaction.

25. Exercise station rotation to ensure stations are distributed fairly.

Job description sample 3

1. Supervising and directing the prompt, efficient and friendly serving of all food and beverage

2. Assisting servers, bussers and host staff in their job duties as necessary

3. Ensuring all opening, closing and running side work is completed on a daily basis

4. Acting as a liaison between kitchen and front of house employees and operations

5. Assisting in the training and development of team members

6. Communicating effectively, giving direction, support, timely feedback and recognition of performance

7. Working quickly and independently to resolve operational and/or guest issues when necessary, ensuring proper follow through with appropriate manager(s)

8. Monitoring and reviewing labor reports

Tips to write Restaurant supervisor job description

Top 7 job description forms.

5 steps to writer write an effective Restaurant supervisor job description.

12 tips to write Restaurant supervisor job description.

• Base on the above job description, you can set up: Restaurant supervisor daily tasks for job levels (such as entry level, junior, senior…), monthly tasks, weekly activities, Restaurant supervisor KPIs, Restaurant supervisor KRAs, Restaurant supervisor job objectives/goals, job standards/requirements, job specifications/qualifications.

Restaurant supervisor qualifications needed, job specification

You can use the KSA model (this model to identify key/core competencies/competency profile for Restaurant supervisor ) to determine job criteria for Restaurant supervisor position. Restaurant supervisor’s job standard includes the following elements:

1. Education, knowledge requirements (includes diplomat, degree, certification, training courses…)
2. Experience: (in KSA model, we use skills, not use experience).
3. Skills list/required (includes technical skills, soft skills, hard skills, management skills).
4. Abilities, attributes, traits, qualities:
5. Other characteristics: A general category for other personal như Factor personality, willingness, interest, motivation and licenses …

Below is list of Restaurant supervisor qualifications:

1. Minimum of 21 years of age to handle alcoholic beverages
2. Supervisory experience required
3. Ability to take initiative and ownership to resolve problems
4. Ability to perform job functions with attention to detail, speed and accuracy
5. Possess a basic knowledge of food and beverage preparation, service standards, guest relations and etiquette
6. Must be willing and have the ability to work a varied schedule that may include evenings, nights, and weekends
7. Ability to stand, walk, and move around during entire shift
8. Must have the ability to communicate clearly and directly with team members and guests using a positive, clear speaking voice
9. Must have the ability to work with guests and respond immediately and accurately to their needs and requirements
10. Must have a valid alcohol awareness certification or be capable of obtaining certification
11. Must have a valid Certified Food Handlers Card or be capable of obtaining one

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Restaurant supervisor performance appraisal

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Restaurant supervisor wages, salary

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Fields related:

The above job descriptions can be used for fields/areas/brands: café, country club, district, front of house, fast food, indian, italian, hotel, japanese, mcdonald, pizza, pub, regional, subway, wendy, applebee, hilton, burger king, denny, chili, pizza hut…

If you need more free Restaurant supervisor job description forms/templates/formats in details, please leave comments at the end of this post. You also can save as this free file as pdf/doc or download free career, KPI ebooks at siderestaurant. Update: 2014.

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