Questionnaire method

1. Definition of questionnaire method

Questionnaire is a job analysis method, it to be completed by job-holders and approved by job-holder’s superiors, are useful when a large number of jobs are to be covered.

A questionnaire is a quick and efficient way to obtain information from a large number of employees.

You can design methods of questionnaire based on 9 types of questions at link:  types of questions

2. Types of questionnaire method

There are two types of questionnaires: structured questionnaire and open-ended questionnaire

The structured questionnaire uses a standardized list of work activities, called a task inventory, then jobholders or supervisors may identify as related to the job. It must cover all job related to tasks and behavior . Each task or behavior should be described in terms of features such as difficulty, importance, frequency, time spent and relationship to performance.

The open-ended questionnaire asks the jobholder to describe the work in his or her own words.

3. Questionnaire methods:

Questionnaire include 6 models as follows:

4. Advantages of questionnaire method

  • Quick and easy to administer.
  • Can get a large amount of information in a short time.
  • Allows for employee participation.
  • Does not require trained interviewer.
  • Relatively less expensive.

5. Disadvantages of questionnaire method

  • Quality of information related to the quality of the questionnaire.
  • Must have high school reading and writing ability to complete one.
  • Often needs follow-up interview or observation.
  • May be difficult to construct.
  • May have low response rate.
  • Responses may be incomplete.
  • Responses may be difficult to interpret (open-ended)

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