Quality KPI

Quality KPIs include key performance indicators of manufacturing management as follows:

1. The percentage must do it again – rework

• The rework rate is number of defect products must be rework as requirements.
• This rate reflects the loss of the company by the workers to do the products, processes.

2. The types of rework rate:

a> Rework rate of workers in a department.

• This rate reflects skills of workers or the “care“ level of workers.
• There are workers with their productivity is very high but their rework rate also very high.

b> The rework rate of a department:

Using this rate let you level of reword and the management ability of managers / supervisors.

c> Compare rework to other departments.

You should not compare in terms of value that you just compare in terms of quantity.

d> Rework rate of entire company.

e> The amount lost due to rework.

• Time loss due to remake the products including time of product made + preparation time + time to rework – standard time.
• Lost value = time lost due to rework * productivity * price.

3. The rate of defect goods

The rate of defect goods are all products damaged by the department or individual that made.

a> The rate of defect goods of individual
• The rate of damaged goods by individuals can be calculated by product or step in manufacturing process.
• You should have a policy of reward / punishment to encourage reduce this rate.

b> The rate of defect goods of department

• With the total number of damaged / total number of products / order.
• You can create policies such as the penalty / award in 3.b.

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Author: Davi Ngo, hrvinet.com

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