Quality interview questions

Quality interview questions

1. What is a Process?

2. Who is the Customer of a Process?

3. There are different variables that affect the output variable?

4. What are input variables?

5. Give an example of Where and How You have improved the testing quality?

6. Difference between Six Sigma and CMMI?

7. What are the roles of Quality Assurance?

8. What is the difference between quality assurance and quality control?

9. What are the elements of a QC plan?

10. Differentiate between product quality and process quality?

11. What are the three measures in common use in Quality?

12. Signal Factors can be controlled during the experiment?

13. How can you effectively identify the various variables of an experiment?

14. How can we obtain accurate estimates of experimental errors and the effects of the input variables on the response variables?

15. How many types of reviews that we have in our testing? What is bad defect? why do we write bad defects?3. How RTM will be helpful for the QC team?

16. Give examples of metrics to control the efficiency of the testing suppliers.

17. What is the difference between Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Audit Function.

18. What are the basic forms of variation?

19. What are Assignable variations?

20. What is Precision of Measurement?

21. What does DOE stands for?

22. Why do we use DOE?

23. Describe to me when you would consider employing a failure mode and effect analysis.

24. Tell me about any quality efforts you have overseen or implemented. Describe some of the challenges you faced and how you overcame them.

25. Have you ever created a test plan?

26. What types of documents would you need for QA, QC, and Testing?

27. What did you include in a test plan?

28. What is the purpose of the testing?

29. What is the difference between QA and testing?

30. How do you scope, organize, and execute a test project?

31. Describe to me the difference between validation and verification.

32. Describe to me what you see as a process. Not a particular process, just the basics of having a process.

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14 Responses to “Quality interview questions”

  1. kay says:

    Please do not publish my details.
    I am a starter to QA.Can you please tell me what is the site for Starters.

  2. VIKRAM says:

    R/S SIR
    I am working in Hand Tool industries. My working place reciving inspection.So please guide me related R/C Insp. ,ppap & other related qaulity objective.

  3. Safeer says:

    R/S Sir.

    i have a job offer from steel company they need a Quality Forman so can you guide me about this because i don’t have lot off experience you can say just i am new in this field.


  4. RONNY says:

    Please can you forward daily routine/activities of Quality Assurance compliance manager to me; I work in a Telecoms service provider company and i have just been moved to that QA department

  5. nael talal says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am civil engineer, i am working now as a QC engineer in construction company, can you send me the main responsibilities and the most important things to do in my work, and how i can develope my self in this field.


  6. vital says:

    sir, I completed my MCA i am doing quality engineer in private sector.i’ve a problem im doing in asp.net platform but im doing Quality engineer,sir if i’ll try to another company,will i select or not?

  7. prakash rasaily says:

    hi sir, i am working right now with a reputed bpo company. And i want to get into quality in this sector ,pls suggest me the site where i can get questions and answers, frequently ask in a bpo for qca interview.

  8. bashir says:

    hi sir, i am working right now with oil&gas company. And i want to get into quality C&A in this sector ,pls suggest me the site where i can get questions and answers, frequently ask in a bpo for qca interview.

  9. Hopo says:

    Hello. Please do not publish my details. Im a holder of BSc degree in biology and chemistry obtained from The National University of Lesotho. I am currently working as Laboratory Technologist at Lesotho Forensic Science Laboratory. I want to apply for the post of Quality Inspector at one of the projects. Based on my qualification and work experience, do I qualify for the job?

    Your assistance will be highly appreciated.

  10. haf says:

    i am working as qc mechanical engineer in building construction. plz let me know the interview question related to my field

  11. karthik says:

    Sir. I have lot of quesition and answer. I am go to interview

  12. Ryan says:


    I’ve been offered a job as Quality specialist in a Hygiene product company. I would like to know what would be my normal daily duties. I’ve no experience in that field as i’m a recent graduate, BSc Major in Mathematical Statistics.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.


  13. Moossa says:

    please me the answers.

  14. vinay says:

    sir as a am B.pharmacy fresher i want Qa & QC question and answer send me plse………… sir

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