Quality assurance coordinator job description

Quality assurance coordinator job description

Key job tasks/duties/responsibilities of Quality assurance coordinator

1. Assigns, reviews, and evaluates the work of professional, technical, and clerical staff.

2. Interprets and implements quality assurance standards.

3. To monitor unusual occurrences, report follow-up procedures, and report monthly and year-to-date comparisons.

4. To assist the director with records form revisions and procedures.

5. Reviews quality assurance standards, studies existing policies and procedures, and interviews personnel and customers to evaluate effectiveness of quality assurance program.

6. To perform other assigned duties as necessary within the realm of the Medical Records Department.

7. Writes quality assurance policies and procedures.

8. Reviews and evaluates patients’ medical records, applying quality assurance criteria.

9. Performs quality-assurance functions to accomplish business coordination, monitoring, and reporting of quality-assurance studies according to the QA/UR plan.

10. Responsible for knowing current QA regulations and informing the Director of any new and/or revised regulations imposed.

11. Selects specific topics for review, such as problem procedures, drugs, high volume cases, high risk cases, or other factors.

12. Compiles statistical data and writes narrative reports summarizing quality assurance findings.

13. Assists departments with the coordination of audit information, and recommends appropriate data-gathering mechanisms, procedures, etc.

14. Responsible for achieving a satisfactory working environment between other departments performing quality-assurance studies.

15. May review patient records, applying utilization review criteria, to determine need for admission and continued stay in hospital.

16. May oversee personnel engaged in quality assurance review of medical records.

17. Assists with developing and maintaining an unusual occurrence procedure.

18. Assists with the monitoring of unusual occurrences; prepares action-taken reports for the committee for the Director of Records.

19. Reviews testing, quality control, and other testing reports for accuracy, completeness and compliance to requirements to ensure that quality assurance standards and regulatory requirements are met.

20. Assists the Director with revisions to the QA/UR plan for staff review.

21. Keeps the Director informed of studies in process and progress thereof, committee agenda items; discusses problems and completion of audit procedures.

22. Assists with and/or advises on laboratory procedure development and implementation as requested or necessary.

23. Reviews, tracks and communicates information regarding process variations and quality control samples as required by laboratory quality assurance procedures.

24. Maintains current and accurate records of all relevant communications, audits, corrective action plans, and effectiveness monitoring.

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