Purpose of job specification

why are job specifications important ? Functions / benefits of job specification include 5 elements as follows:

1. Find out prospective candidate

Job specification pay a important role in finding out prospective employees to a particular job.

The specifications you prepare will help you evaluate curriculum vitae more speedily and ruthlessly, as well as providing a list of pertinent questions for interview.

2. The importance of job specification also reflect in attracting candidate.

A job specification will be the first introduction to candidate. It is therefore crucial that it is professional and portrays the right image. So that when yơu write a dynamic, accurate job specification, you will be attracted the appropriate candidate.

3. Set up competency of organization

Organization should set up their core competency and job specification will help them to implement competency programs.

4. Job specification pay a important role in identifying competencies of employee

Employer can identify the exact duties and competencies of the position.

5. Orientation to candidate

Candidate can determine if his / her experience and qualifications suit the job specification.

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Author: Davi Ngo, hrvinet.com

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