Purchasing manager job description

Purchasing manager job description

This post includes contents of job profile/title such as: job purpose/role, job functions, key duties/responsibilities/tasks list and other documents related to Purchasing manager position.

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Job purpose of Purchasing manager

To be responsible for the procurement of commodities through the development and implementation of commodity strategies plans and the management of supplier relationship. Other areas of responsibility include price negotiation, planning, production, inventory control, quality control and factory control.

Key duties/responsibilities of Purchasing manager

You can ref some job descriptions for Purchasing manager as follow:

Job description sample 1

1. Implement procurement strategy and policies.

2. Forecast procurement needs.

3. Create and implement KPI’s.

4. Continually develop expertise to support growth for new projects.

5. Monitor macro trends in supplier and contract base and implement plans to react.

6. Build and develop relationships with key suppliers and customers.

7. Lead the procurement group in all phases.

8. Identify and develop training opportunities.

9. Order materials and services as per negotiated and appropriately approved. Review quotations.

10. Prepare purchase requisitions, approve and issues purchase orders in accordance with company policy and negotiated terms and conditions.

11. Maintain procurement files.

12. Track Purchasing activity and measurements.

13. Training purchasing Clerks and Salesmen in the department.

14. Discuss defective or unacceptable new goods or services with users, vendors and others to determine cause of problem and take corrective and preventative action.

15. Ensure supplier compliance with site and company requirements for safety.

16. Manage vendor relationships and assist in building effective partnerships.

17. Assist department in developing and implementing purchasing strategies for products.

18. Taking over an existing project of customized and private label food products.

19. Responsible for planning, developing and buying materials, parts, supplies and equipments in a timely and cost effective way; timely manner while maintaining appropriate quality standards and specifications.

20. Dealing with suppliers.

21. Dealing with Brokers.

22. Develop and review purchase requests and ensure authorization as necessary to facilitate the timely purchase of new food products.

23. Help to lower the cost and secure agreements.

24. Liaise with Accounts Payable Department to ensure accurate and timely payment of invoices, as necessary for the business with the supplier.

Job description sample 2

1. The Purchasing Manager determines Purchasing Strategy for all polymers and establish team budget for this area.
2. The Purchasing Manager makes strategic sourcing decisions based on Lowest Total Cost of Ownership, and evaluates all alternative sources of supply.
3. The Purchasing Manager tracks Polymer Price indexes including the CDI as one of the most important parts of their job.
4. The Purchasing Manager negotiates annual contracts for material pricing based on cost objectives, market conditions, design and cost models.
5. The Purchasing Manager identifies and champions cost reduction projects, including periodic updates for management.
6. The Purchasing Manager periodically benchmarks commodity data ascertain competitiveness.

Job description sample 3

1. Project timing, milestones and KPIs
2. Issue purchase orders for all new project tooling that includes prototype tooling
3. Align, prepare and present supplier award recommendation to the sourcing committee
4. Pricing negotiations execution
5. Generation and maintenance of component program management and tracking sheets
6. Generation of RFQ/ RFP packages for supplier bid process

Tips to write Purchasing manager job description

Top 7 job description forms.

5 steps to writer write an effective Purchasing manager job description.

12 tips to write Purchasing manager job description.

• Base on the above job description, you can set up: Purchasing manager daily tasks for job levels (such as entry level, junior, senior…), monthly tasks, weekly activities, Purchasing manager KPIs, Purchasing manager KRAs, Purchasing manager job objectives/goals, job standards/requirements, job specifications/qualifications.

Purchasing manager qualifications needed, job specification

You can use the KSA model (this model to identify key/core competencies/competency profile for Purchasing manager ) to determine job criteria for Purchasing manager position. Purchasing manager’s job standard includes the following elements:

1. Education, knowledge requirements (includes diplomat, degree, certification, training courses…)
2. Experience: (in KSA model, we use skills, not use experience).
3. Skills list/required (includes technical skills, soft skills, hard skills, management skills).
4. Abilities, attributes, traits, qualities:
5. Other characteristics: A general category for other personal như Factor personality, willingness, interest, motivation and licenses …

Below is list of Purchasing manager qualifications:

1. The Purchasing Manager will have a four-year degree (concentration in Supply Management, Operations Management, Engineering or Accounting preferred).
2. 5 years in of STRATEGIC plastics and polymer commodity management experience with familiarity of HDPE, LDPE, Polypropylene, HIPS, ABS, Polycarbonate, and other major resins/polymers.
3. Previous experience negotiating large, multi-million dollar polymer contracts.
4. Strong skills in cost reduction through alternative sourcing, negotiation, and commodity hedging.
5. Strong knowledge of the CDI, CMAI, and/or IHS and what influences indices. Must be accustomed to tracking polymer prices like a religion. Must be savvy and have the industry contacts to know when price increases are “real” and when they can be avoided.
6. Excellent interpersonal, organizational and communication skills.
7. Industry certification preferred (e.g., CPIM, CIRM, A.P.P. or C.P.M.).
8. Must be willing to visit supply partners 20% of the time.

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Purchasing manager performance appraisal

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Purchasing manager wages, salary

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Fields related:

The above job descriptions can be used for fields: automotive, F&B, construction, inventory, hotel, hospital, medical, manufacturing, materials, project, production, logistics, retail, restaurant, warehouse, technical…

If you need more free Purchasing manager job description forms/templates/formats in details, please leave comments at the end of this post. You also can save as this free file as pdf/doc or download free career, KPI ebooks at sidebar. Update: 2014.

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