Purchasing coordinator job description

Purchasing coordinator job description

This post includes contents of job profile/title such as: job purpose/role, job functions, key duties/responsibilities/tasks list and other documents related to Purchasing coordinator position.

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Job purpose of Purchasing coordinator

To Manage the purchasing of fixtures and available inventory for new stores, remodels, wish lists, rollouts, and miscellaneous requests, as well as distribution and deliveries. Monitor and manage stored inventory and in-house inventory. Update and track licensee information. Seek and develop new sources of supply. Prepare and manage RFP for goods and services as assigned by Purchasing Director.

Key duties/responsibilities of Purchasing coordinator

You can ref some job descriptions for Purchasing coordinator as follow:

Job description sample 1

• Review the invoice matching hold report and resolve discrepancies.
• Send updated prints to suppliers.
• Coordinate movement of all purchased materials from suppliers to the plants and address any supply/supplier issues.
• Support the Purchasing Manager on operational projects as needed.
• Resolve receiving error issues.
• Provide non-inventory purchasing support.
• Assess production requirements on a weekly/monthly/quarterly cycle based on the sales forecast and address purchasing requirements for each plant for all raw materials.
• Perform PO and item master maintenance transactions in the ERP system.
• Update POs with current delivery information.
• Expedite components as needed to keep production lines running.
• Maintain supplier files by keeping them complete and up to date.
• Follow established guidelines and procedures for field and branch purchases and establish preferred supplier list as required.
• Will plan and coordinate the production volumes at each plant and tie it with the Sales Forecast.
• Review and verify past due PO reports and contact suppliers to address overdue POs.
• Develop relationships with suppliers in order to resolve delivery and quality concerns.

Job description sample 2

1. Generate proof budget reports for new home starts
2. Generate finalized budgets for new home starts
3. Monitor and maintain trade partner’s insurance compliance by monitoring monthly expiration reports and communicating with insurance agencies when required
4. Process change of vendor requests/approvals within purchasing guidelines
5. Coordinate takeoff changes from Field Verification Manager ensuring open commitments are adjusted as required
6. Work with suppliers/trade Partners resolving invoicing issues with the assistance of local and/or regional purchasing teams
7. Generate Cost per Square Foot reports/downloads monthly
8. Create new vendor packages for potential trade partners and process once approved
9. Upload new vendor/trade partner pricing once approved
10. Maintain organization of supplier/trade partner files
11. Clerical work for Director of Purchasing when needed

Job description sample 2

1. Analyze data to decide when an order should be placed, the quantity that should be ordered and the way it should be delivered

2. Discover cost effective solutions to ensure product arrives in timely and secure manner

3. Communicate researched inventory discrepancies to team and internal clients

4. Monitor freight cost, accuracy of freight filings and submit any freight claims

5. Maintain accurate sourcing data, ordering parameters, and metrics within each vendor through inventory database system

6. Ensure deadlines are met for orders being placed and products delivered

7. Assist the Lead Buyer and Purchasing Team with administrative needs, such as emailing purchase orders, reviewing contracts, confirming orders, etc.

Tips to write Purchasing coordinator job description

Top 7 job description forms.

5 steps to writer write an effective Purchasing coordinator job description.

12 tips to write Purchasing coordinator job description.

• Base on the above job description, you can set up: Purchasing coordinator daily tasks for job levels (such as entry level, junior, senior…), monthly tasks, weekly activities, Purchasing coordinator KPIs, Purchasing coordinator KRAs, Purchasing coordinator job objectives/goals, job standards/requirements, job specifications/qualifications.

Purchasing coordinator qualifications needed, job specification

You can use the KSA model (this model to identify key/core competencies/competency profile for Purchasing coordinator ) to determine job criteria for Purchasing coordinator position. Purchasing coordinator’s job standard includes the following elements:

1. Education, knowledge requirements (includes diplomat, degree, certification, training courses…)
2. Experience: (in KSA model, we use skills, not use experience).
3. Skills list/required (includes technical skills, soft skills, hard skills, management skills).
4. Abilities, attributes, traits, qualities:
5. Other characteristics: A general category for other personal như Factor personality, willingness, interest, motivation and licenses …

Below is list of Purchasing coordinator qualifications:

1. High School Diploma or equivalent
2. Excellent data entry skills
3. Good understanding of contract pricing and budgets
4. Construction and/or office clerical experience preferred but not required
5. Must interact professionally with internal and external customers at all levels
6. Experience with Word, Excel, and JD Edwards

Purchasing coordinator career advice

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Purchasing coordinator job search tips

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Purchasing coordinator performance appraisal

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Purchasing coordinator wages, salary

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Fields related:

The above job descriptions can be used for fields: automotive, F&B, construction, inventory, hotel, hospital, medical, manufacturing, materials, project, production, logistics, retail, restaurant, warehouse, technical…

If you need more free Purchasing coordinator job description forms/templates/formats in details, please leave comments at the end of this post. You also can save as this free file as pdf/doc or download free career, KPI ebooks at sidebar. Update: 2014.

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