Problem solving questions

20 problem solving interview questions

I. Introduction about problem solving

Questions below will help you interview candidates about their skill of problem solving.

II. Problem Solving Interview questions

1. Sometimes the only way to resolve a defense or conflict is through negotiation and compromise. Tell about a time when you were able to resolve a difficult situation by finding some common ground?

2. Give an example of a problem which you faced on any job that you have had and tell how you went about solving it?

3. Give an example of when you “went to the source” to address a conflict. Do you feel trust levels were improved as a result?

4. Tell us about a situation in which you had to separate the person from the issue when working to resolve issues?

5. Tell us about a time when you identified a potential problem and resolved the situation before it became serious?

6. There is more than one way to solve a problem. Give an example from your recent work experience that would illustrate this?

7. Describe the most difficult working relationship you’ve had with an individual?

8. What specific actions did you take to improve the relationship? What was the outcome?

9. When was the last time something came up in a meeting that was not covered in the plan? What did you do? What were the results of your judgment?

10. Describe a situation where you had a conflict with another individual, and how you dealt with it. What was the outcome? How do you feel about it?

11. Describe a time in which you were faced with problems or stresses which tested your coping skills. What did you do?

12. Describe a time when you facilitated a creative solution to a problem between two employees?

13. Give a specific example of a time when you used good judgment and logic in solving a problem?

14. Problems occur in almost all work relationships. Describe a time when you had to cope with the resentment or hostility of a subordinate or co-worker?

15. Sometimes we need to remain calm on the outside when we are really upset on the inside. Give an example of a time that this happened to you?

16. Tell us about a recent success you had with an especially difficult employee/co-worker?

17. Have you ever been caught unaware by a problem or obstacles that you had not foreseen? What happened?

18. Tell us about a time when you did something completely different from the plan and/or assignment. Why? What happened?

19. Give me an example of a situation where you had difficulties with a team member. What, if anything, did you do to resolve the difficulties?

20. What are some of the problems you have faced; such as between business development and project leaders, between one department and another, between you and your peers? How did you recognize that they were there?

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