Position Analysis Questionnaire

1. Definition of Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ model)?

PAQ model developed by McCormick, Jeanneret, and Mecham (1972), is a structured instrument of job analysis to measure job characteristics and relate them to human characteristics.

It consists of 195 job elements that describe generic human work behaviors.

2. Contents of PAQ method / technique:

195 items of job elements includes six categories:

• Interpersonal activities (36 elements),
• Work situation and job context (19 elements), and
• Miscellaneous aspects (41 elements).
• Information input (35 elements),
• Mental processes (14 elements),
• Work output (49 elements),

3. Advantages of PAQ method / technique:

There are several advantages inherent in the Position Analysis Questionnaire.

  • PAQ method / technique: is structured to allow for easy quantification.
  • The format of this method include in both data collection and computer analysis and can yield results much faster than the other methods.
  • It has been shown to be extremely reliable, results usually replicate on a second administration.
  • The taxonomic approach of the PAQ makes comparison of jobs relatively easy.

4. Disadvantages of PAQ method / technique:

  • One of the major disadvantages of PAQ, however, is related to its taxonomic approach.
  • Getting Human Resources probably because its language is not specific to particular jobs.
  • Another criticism of the language used in PAQ is that its reading level is too difficult.

5. Process of PAQ method / technique:

  • Job incumbents (and sometimes their managers) answer questions on form outlining skills, abilities and knowledge needed to perform the job.
  • Responses are compiled and a composite job requirement statement is produced.

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