Pharmaceutical interview questions

Pharmaceutical interview questions include:

1. What if nobody will give me reps’ business cards?
2. Are newspaper advertisements a good way to find a job in pharma sales?
3. What is a Job-Fair? How useful are they?
4. What do companies look for at Job-Fairs?
5. What are the pros and cons of working at a small pharmaceutical company
6. versus one of the biggies?
7. I am in college. What can I do to enhance my odds of being hired as a
8. pharmaceutical sales representative?
9. What is a typical day for a pharmaceutical sales representative?
10. How many sales calls are you required to make each day?
11. What is a contract sales company such as InVentiv or PDI?
12. Should I accept a contract sales position if my true goal is to work
13. directly for one of the big drug companies
14. What If I have more than one job offer. How do I decide?
15. When the economy does a downturn, what is the job market like for
16. pharmaceutical sales reps?
17. If I am hired, and I have poor sales, will I be fired?
18. What are some of the things that you don’t like about being a
19. pharmaceutical rep?
20. What’s the hardest thing about being a rep?
21. Do Reps really make large bonuses? How many products does a rep carry
22. and how do you get paid bonus on them?
23. I think I want to be a pharmaceutical sales representative, but how can I
24. know for sure?
25. How necessary is it to have a 4 – year degree?
26. Is a scientific degree/ sales experience required
27. Am I too old to land a job in pharmaceutical sales?
28. How long should I expect my job search to last?
29. I’m willing to relocate for the right pharmaceutical sales
30. will this help me?
31. Will a DWI hurt my chances of being hired as a pharmaceutical rep?
32. I have bad credit; will this hurt my chances ?
33. Will an MBA or other advanced degree improve my chances of being hired as
34. a pharmaceutical sales rep?
35. What are the pros and cons of working with a recruiter?
36. How important is the resume in landing a pharmaceutical sales job?
37. How do I shop for a resume writer?
38. What are the essentials that should appear on my resume?
39. What about a cover letter?
40. What is the best way to land a job in pharmaceutical sales?
41. Why do the drug companies give so many interviews; why does the process
42. take so long ?
43. What should I bring to an interview?
44. What is proper etiquette for a “ride-along?”
45. I have been on several interviews but received no offers. What could I be
46. doing wrong?
47. If I’m hired, what kind of training can I expect?

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