Performance appraisal phrases – problem solving

Performance appraisal phrases – problem solving (evaluation phrases, review phrases…).

Problem solving is a highly-cognitive process which requires the person to know how to deal with a problem and to proceed in right manner. Problem solving skill, in addition to problem finding and shaping skills, is one of the most important skills required for managers and leaders. It utilizes a number of skills to solve a certain problem.

Also, problem solving skill includes the process of decision making. So, improving your problem solving skill means improving the quality of decision you make.

I/ Positive performance appraisal phrases for problem solving

1. John has ability to analyze any problem and find out the most solution to each problem.

2. John always analyzes an issue carefully and then looks for different ways to resolve that issue.

3. John makes his decision with careful consideration.

4. John always updates happening information to everyone in the company.

5. John is ready to work with complicated consequences and he has ability to find out the most suitable solutions to submit to the managers.

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II/ Negative performance appraisal phrases for problem solving

1. John feels it hard to find out a suitable solution to any complicated problem.

2. John meets difficulty when facing with any complex issue.

3. John finds it hard to look for a solution to a difficult situation.

4. John is impossible to submit needed information to the managers when he faces a complex situation.

5. John makes mistake again and again. He should learn how to withdraw a lesson from failure.

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The review phrases for problem solving are a great/helpful sample for periodical/annual performance appraisal. You should pay attention that the review phrase for problem solving can be positive/ effective or negative/bad/poor depend on your‘ s one.

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