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This post includes free samples for Performance appraisal phrases Organization and planning skills/abilities(evaluation phrases, review phrases…).

When employees have too many mixed and complicated goals to be achieved, they may be very energetic and enthusiastic, however, they cannot have good working performance due to such issues relating to organization. Generally, these issues are thought to be due to managerial functions, but in fact, staff at all working level are taking certain actions in their own fields, in addition to a large number of other activities to keep their work on track, to the target and on time.

Because the fact that most information delivered to employees, regarding such issues of planning and organizing, is in writing document; it is of great importance that the according feedback should be clear, to the point, and functional.

I/ Positive performance appraisal phrases for Organization and planning

1. Shows excellence in organization and in planning skills.

2. Has a good methodical and consistent approach toward organization of her work.

3. Quickly distributes back-up information.

4. Make plans, organizes and fulfills tasks on time allowance.

5. Follow the deadlines and benchmarks of production.

6. Establishes a neat and well-organized working environment.

7. Will not leave the office for home at night if everything is not put away in its own place.

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II/ Negative performance appraisal phrases for Organization and planning

1. Gets in troubles in planning a course of action if there is no specific instruction.

2. Fails to deal with minor problems before they become big obstacles.

3. Does not have good communication when he needs more support or assistance.

4. Finds it difficult in putting theoretical ideas into tactical action schedules.

5. Shows off a style of being reactive and ‘‘management by crisis’’.

6. Finds it difficult in keeping two steps ahead of his current project load.

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The review phrases for Organization and planning are a great/helpful sample for periodical/annual performance appraisal. You should pay attention that the review phrase for Organization and planning can be positive/ effective or negative/bad/poor depend on your‘ s one.

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