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As for a leader, decision-making is an indispensible skill of theirs to be able to lead a whole organization or group. Decision-making skill involves the skill to set objectives and working out a suitable approach to reach those objectives. Responsibility is also involved in decision-making skill that is very valued among leadership skills. For such reasons, decision-making is considered as the most important and necessary skill that every leader (or manager) must have. Here in this article, I would like to give your several phrases describing what it takes to become a person with good decision making:

I/ Positive performance appraisal phrases for decision making

• Be able to make the correct judgments of the situation and figure out the right solution;

• Be decisive among multiple solutions to select the most suitable solution for the problem;

• Consider the situation on objective basis;

• Be determined over emotion and personal feelings;

• Be a man of responsibility and ready to help and motivate other colleagues to have a good performance;

• Be able to maintain a cool head under critical situations.

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II/ Negative performance appraisal phrases for decision making

• Hesitate to do everything and cannot make up his/her mind;

• Be complex and unconventional in approaching a situation and fail to see the simple solution to a matter;

• Fail to set requirements for solutions made by subordinates;

• Be confused and worried in facing a critical situation, especially in relation to tight deadline;

• Fail to work out the solution to a problem but instead, keep complaining about it;

• Fail to work out a strategic and logical solution to the problem, which is often fallen into simple and rush method;

• Fail to deal with conflict at work in relation to decision making process.

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The review phrases for decision making are a great/helpful sample for periodical/annual performance appraisal. You should pay attention that the review phrase for decision making can be positive/ effective or negative/bad/poor depend on your‘ s one.

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