Performance appraisal phrases – critical thinking

Performance appraisal phrases – critical thinking (evaluation phrases, review phrases…).

Critical thinking means making reasonable judgment based on actual details and your thinking process. It is more about “thinking about thinking” rather than “thinking about solution”. In critical thinking, you make judgment whether something is true, false or either or neither.

A person having critical thinking skill shall have ability to:

• Understand problems and know how to address those problems in an appropriate manner.
• Understand the importance of the problem and know which problem should be dealt with first
• Collect relevant information to resolve the problem.
• Understand implied meanings and values of the problem or problem solving method.

I/ Positive performance appraisal phrases for critical thinking

1. Before submitting a solution, John always thinks it over.

2. John equips himself analytical and critical-thinking skills and he can uses them to deal with problems.

3. In order to find out the most suitable solution for a problem, John considered carefully various sides of a situation.

4. John always has a quick answer for any issue. He always brings out a timely solution.

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II/ Negative performance appraisal phrases for critical thinking

1. John always seems to be hurried and does not think twice when making decision.

2. John never cares about the situations that can be happened when he makes decision.

3. John does not consider the possible situations when making decision.

4. John never thinks any problem twice and he is too hurried to carry out his decision.

5. John never finds out the most suitable solution to the issue. His ideas are not outstanding.

You can use free list of all appraisal phrases at: List of performance appraisal phrases.

Or you can ref ebook: Performance appraisal phrases.

The review phrases for critical thinking are a great/helpful sample for periodical/annual performance appraisal. You should pay attention that the review phrase for critical thinking can be positive/ effective or negative/bad/poor depend on your‘ s one.

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