Performance appraisal interview

Performance appraisal interview

1. What is performance appraisal interview

Performance appraisal interview is an interview that conduct between HR dept/manager and employee per year/6 months, 3 months and
The employee gets useful feedback information about how effectively and efficiently he is able to discharge the assigned duties. It also gives the opportunity to employee to explain his views about the ratings, standards, rating methods, internal and external causes for low level of performance.

2. Purpose of performance appraisal interview

• To provide an opportunity for employees to express themselves on performance-related issues.
• To help employees do a better job by clarifying what is expected of them.
• To let employees know where they stand.
• To strengthen the superior-subordinate working relationship by developing a mutual agreement of goals.
• To plan opportunities for development and growth.

3. Forms, checklist of performance appraisal interview

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Some questions

1. Tell me what you think you have done well? (reflecting on achievements)
2. What do you enjoy doing?
3. How did you choose what to put into the documentation?
4. What evidence do you feel most confident in?
5. I feel you…
6. Different people have different views. What are yours?
7. What difficulties do you see?
8. How are you going to develop this?
9. I was wondering, perhaps…
10. What do you want to improve/develop?
11. Do you get opportunity to reflect on your practice? what do you reflect on?

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