Top 28 performance appraisal forms

Top 28 performance appraisal forms

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We can use scales as follows for this performance appraisal form.

1. Unsatisfactory: Major improvements needed.
2. Needs Improvement: Less than Satisfactory, could be doing better.
3. Meets Expectations: Performing duties as directed with minimal Supervision.
4. Excellent: Performing all duties in a cost-effective manner with positive, measurable results.
5. Outstanding: Performing at a level above and beyond the duties of the current position’s requirements.


1. Quality of work

• Consider accuracy, thoroughness, effectiveness.
• Pressure, ability to meet standards of quality.
• Use of time and volume of work accomplished.
• Work output matches the expectations established.

2. Quantity of work

• Competence, thoroughness, and efficiency of work regardless of volume.
• Neatness and accuracy.

3. Teamwork:

• Establish and maintain effective working relationship with others.
• Shares information and resources with others
• Follows instructions of supervisor and respond to requests from others in the team in a helpful manner.
• Contributing work and effort to group performance to meet agreed upon objectives and achieve team success

4. Job knowledge

• Application of appropriate level of technical and procedural knowledge in specific field
• Degree of technical competence
• Understanding of job procedures, methods, facts and information related to assignments.
• Perform duties with minimal supervision but seek guidance where and when appropriate to the job, consults the appropriate staff

5. Initiative

• Consider the extent to which the employee sets own constructive work practice and recommends and creates own procedures.
• Self-starter, develop and implement new methods, procedures, solutions, concepts, designs and/or applications of existing designs or procedures.
• Accepts additional challenges and responsibilities and willingly assist others, self-reliant.
• Completes assignment on time.

6. Interpersonal relations

• Consider the extent to which the employee is cooperative, considerate, and tactful in dealing with supervisors, subordinates, peers, faculty, students and others.

7. Health and safety compliance

• The degree to which he or she complies with or over sees the compliance with university safety rules.
• The following are also to be completed for supervisory personnel and members of the administrative staff.

8. Communications abilities

Performance appraisal of communications include elements as:

• Ability to listen and understand information;
• Presents information in a clear and concise manner.
• Knows appropriate way of communicating with immediate superiors and the management
• Demonstrates respect for all individuals in all forms of communication
• Regardless of their background or culture;

9. Planning and organizing :

• Adapting to changes and using resources effectively;
• Maintains confidentiality as appropriate.
• Setting objectives, establishing priorities, developing plans ;
• Arranging work schedules and prioritizing work to meet deadlines.
• Know when to ask for clarification before proceeding on a work project.

10. Problem analysis and decision making

• Anticipating problems and facilitate problem resolution.
• Willingness to make necessary and immediate decisions given incomplete information.
• Understanding practical and workable solutions.
• Recognizing when a decision is necessary, asking for input, making decisions and providing information and feedback in a timely manner.

11. Staff development

• The extent to which the individual provides guidance and opportunities to his or her staff for their development and advancement in the university.

12. Dependability

Performance appraisal of dependability include elements as:

• Starts work at appropriate time.
• Respects time allowed for breaks and lunch.
• Follows policies for requesting and reporting time off.
• Helps ensure work duties are covered when absent.
• Consider the extent to which the employee completes assignments on time and carries out instructions.
• Employee’s presence can be relied upon for planning purposes.
• Attendance and punctuality meets supervisor’s requirements.

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VI. Best performance appraisal resources

1. Phrases For Performance Appraisals. Benefits of this ebook include: A collection of hundreds of ready-to-use impactful appraisal comments and phrases; Phrases to highlight your key strengths and achievements; Phrases to downplay your weaknesses to soften the impact on your overall performance; A comprehensive list of phrases covering most of the categories of KPIs used by many companies; Guidebook provided in Microsoft Word softcopy for your easy copy, paste and modify in your appraisal form; Guidebook provided in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet so that you can use it also for your employees’ appraisals and easy moderation! etc

2. Employee Performance Appraisals Forms. Benefits of this ebook include: Make your “fair” help good & make your “good” help great; Improve efficiency; Save hours upon hours of time; Get what you want out of every hourly dollar you pay your employees! Even your best employees need to know they are appreciated; Impress your boss or, if you are the boss, motivate your staff by giving them the feedback they NEED to be a better employee etc

3. Employee Performance Review: Tips, Templates & Tactics. Contents of this ebook include: Probation policies and templates, performance review tips, performance appraisal tips; Performance review tips, performance appraisal tips performance review policies and templates; Performance review tips, performance appraisal tips learning & development policies and templates; Performance review tips, performance appraisal tipspoor work performance policies and templates etc

4. Managers Guide to Performance. Contents of this ebook: How to deal with an employee who displays negative behavior….help them deal with their own issues and change their behavior; How to coach an employee to higher performance….employees want your leadership and will follow a strong manager; How to be clear about what you expect from them….an employee always wants to know how to best perform; How to give your employees the opportunities to perform……if they can’t or won’t, then how to let them go.

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