Performance review checklist

Performance appraisal checklist

1. The preparation of performance appraisal:

• Focus on performance areas that are the most important.

• Prepare a potential development which can include training and special projects.

• Identified areas for concentration in setting goals for the next appraisal period.

• Give employee advance notice so that he /she can prepare for the discussion.

• Review mutually understood expectations with respect to job duties and standards.

• Observe job performance measured against these mutually understood expectations.

• Take notes and keep records so you don’t rely on memory.

• Avoid paying attention to some aspects of the job at the expense of other.

• Review the employee’s background including, skills, work experience, and training.

2. The discussion of appraisal:

• Begin the discussion by creating a sincere, open and friendly atmosphere.

• Review the purpose of the discussion – mutual problem solving and goal setting.

• Explain the agenda for the meeting.

• Discuss the employee’s primary responsibilities in the past year. (A written summary of responsibilities should have been provided to the employee.) Discuss how the employee’s responsibilities relate to overall unit objectives.

• Discuss employee’s strengths and areas for growth in the five general performance categories.

• Discuss employee’s significant accomplishments from the past year.

• Discuss possible ways to improve performance.

• Discuss barriers to effective work performance and job satisfaction in the past year.

• Discuss employee’s goals and needs for the next review period.

• Discuss long term career goals and development needs to achieve them.

• Discuss employee’s feedback/suggestions for supervisor.

• Discuss anything else the employee or supervisor would like to address.

• Complete appraisal forms, as applicable.

3. The Follow-Up:

• Immediately after record the plans made and points requiring follow-up.

• Provide a copy for the employee.

• Evaluate your own performance. What I did well? Could have done better? Learned about the employee? Learned about myself?

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