Payroll Clerk performance evaluation

Payroll Clerk performance evaluation

1. Identify KRAs of Payroll Clerk

Key Result Areas” or KRAs refer to general areas of outputs or outcomes for which the department’s role is responsible. You also need to understand some definitions: Key performance areas, Key performance indicators.

2. Identify job objectives

Do you set up objectives for Payroll Clerk?

• 1 month.
• 3 months.
• 6 months.
• 12 months.

3. Identify job description of Payroll Clerk

You can use some tasks of Payroll Clerk as follows:

• Prepare periodic reports of earnings, taxes, and deductions.
• Compiles payroll data, and enters data or computes and posts wages, and reconciles errors, to maintain payroll records, using computer.
• Records changes affecting net wages, for example exemptions, insurance coverage, and loan payments for each employee to update master payroll records.
• Records data concerning transfer of employees between departments.
• May also prorate expenses to be debited or credited to each department for cost accounting records.

4. Job standards/procedures

It is very difficult to appraise Payroll Clerk if you have not job standards, job procedures for this positions.

Try it now:

• How to do each task?
• How to measure performance of each task?
• How to control/monitor each step of a process?

5. Payroll Clerk evaluation forms

You can you types of performance evaluation as follows:

• Peer form.
• Self appraisal form.
• Customer/Other department appraisal form.
• Superior appraisal form.
• Subordinate appraisal form.

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