Minor misconduct


I/ Types of minor misconduct

1. Ignoring safety/security rules.

2. Extended tea and meal breaks.

3. Failure to maintain a tidy and safe working environment Excessive time away from the job.

4. Absenteeism.

5. Failure to comply with Absence Notification and Certification Procedure.

6. Careless work and poor effort at work.

7. Failure to complete work records as instructed Failure to wear any uniform/protective clothing provided Misuse of telephone e.g. excessive personal use.

8. Lateness.

9. Absence from duty without leaves for a period of less than six days.

10. Loitering, gossiping in department during working hours.

11. Failure to ware tight clothes/specified uniform.

12. Negligence of duties or neglect of work.

II/ Penalties for minor misconduct

In the case of minor misconduct, the sanction shall be a recorded verbal warning, which shall remain in place for a period of six months. Any repetition of such misconduct within that period may be treated as major misconduct.

Other disciplines:

• Verbal Warnings: Verbal warnings are informal methods that put employees on notice that they have engaged in behavior or actions that can lead to more serious consequences if not immediately corrected.
• Performance Improvement Plans: Employers with a vested interest in helping employees improve develop what is commonly referred to as a performance improvement plan, or PIP. PIPs are detailed plans that identify areas for improvement and a series of steps the employee must complete to receive an acceptable performance rating.
• Suspensions: Suspension without pay is a form of workplace discipline employers typically use before deciding whether to terminate the employee – it may be the last step before employee discharge.
• Reassignments and Loss of Privileges: Within some organizations, performance-based alternative work assignments include opportunities for telecommuting, teleworking or flexible work schedules.

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