Microsoft interview questions

Microsoft job interview include 98 questions as follows:

1. Riddles Microsoft interview

It include 18 interview questions about riddles such as:

. Why is a manhole cover round?

. How many cars are there in the USA?

2. Algorithms Microsoft interview

It include 36 interview questions about Algorithms such as:

. Describe advantages and disadvantages of the various stock sorting algorithms?

. Implement an algorithm to reverse a linked list. Now do it without recursion?

3. Thinkers Microsoft interview

It include 14  interview questions about thinkers such as:

. Why do you want to work at Microsoft?

. If you are going to receive an award in 5 years, what is it for and who is the audience?

4. Applications Microsoft interview

It include 10 interview questions about applications such as:

. If you could add any feature to Microsoft Word, what would it be?

. How would you go about building a keyboard for 1-handed users?

5. Microsoft phone interview

It include 20 phone interview questions such as:

. How would you design a toaster? (sometimes elevator).

. How would you debug your toaster? (sometimes elevator).

6. Microsoft marketing interview questions

It include 12 interview questions about marketing field.

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