Marketing manager job description

Marketing manager job description

This post includes contents of job profile/title such as: job purpose/role, job functions, key duties/responsibilities/tasks list and other documents related to Marketing manager position.

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Key duties/responsibilities of Marketing manager

You can ref some job descriptions for Marketing manager as follow:

Job description sample 1

1. Research, develop and implement a Brand and Communication strategy, standards and practices company-wide that elicit the behavior, emotion and recognition objectives of the company.

2. Development of key messages for all audiences to communicate our core brand identity.

3. Lead agencies and internal team members where appropriate to execute all communication activities and public relations (marketing materials, advertising, client communications, direct mail, marketing campaigns, press releases, content for trade publications, etc.).

4. Oversee the writing of press releases, copy for marketing materials, annual reports, advertisements, and other related material.

5. Manage media relations, research editorial opportunities and build relationships with key industry media.

6. Work closely with the Web Manager to ensure messaging is consistent with overall marketing and communication objectives.

7. Build and maintain strong relationships with internal and external key stakeholders to ensure proper messaging of company beliefs and service offerings.

8. Provide monthly reporting to the VP, Business Development. Will include but not be limited to reporting on the status of prioritized marketing and communication activities. Reporting will be both historical and forward looking.

9. Develop and manage the communications budget.

10. Contributes to the total effectiveness of the department, communicating openly, solving problems proactively, offering creative ideas and working as a positive, engaged team member.

11. Budget management. To deliver all marketing activity within the agreed budget.

12. To manage all aspects of print production, receipt and distribution.

13. Performs related work as required.

Job description sample 2

1. Develop and manage marketing campaigns from concept to execution to measurement
2. Develop marketing program business plans, create timelines, set budgets, develop strategies and tactics, and execute
3. Collaborate with sales manager and channel managers to drive marketing programs
4. Resolve issues and solve problems that may occur throughout the lifecycle of a campaign or project
5. Report program milestones
6. Manage digital marketing efforts including, social media, SEO/SEM, list development and online advertising
7. Develop tools and best practices to manage the execution of marketing programs/projects

Tips to write Marketing manager job description

Top 7 job description forms.

5 steps to writer write an effective Marketing manager job description.

12 tips to write Marketing manager job description.

• Base on the above job description, you can set up: Marketing manager daily tasks for job levels (such as entry level, junior, senior…), monthly tasks, weekly activities, Marketing manager KPIs, Marketing manager KRAs, Marketing manager job objectives/goals, job standards/requirements, job specifications/qualifications.

Marketing manager qualifications needed, job specification

You can use the KSA model (this model to identify key/core competencies/competency profile for Marketing manager ) to determine job criteria for Marketing manager position. Marketing manager’s job standard includes the following elements:

1. Education, knowledge requirements (includes diplomat, degree, certification, training courses…)
2. Experience: (in KSA model, we use skills, not use experience).
3. Skills list/required (includes technical skills, soft skills, hard skills, management skills).
4. Abilities, attributes, traits, qualities:
5. Other characteristics: A general category for other personal như Factor personality, willingness, interest, motivation and licenses …

Below is list of Marketing manager qualifications:

1. BS degree in business or marketing; MBA desirable.
2. 5 years or more of relevant experience.
3. Superior writing and editing skills and ability to demonstrate versatility in writing formats, including online.
4. Knowledge of Salesforce, NetSuite, Goldmine, or related CRM systems.
5. Experience with Search Engine Optimization and Search Marketing Optimization.
6. Proficient in HTML and MS Office.
7. Experience with social media platforms.
8. Proven experience in creating and executing successful online campaigns.
9. Background in digital audience analysis, market research, and web analytics. Google Analytics preferred.
10. Experience with vendor management.

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Marketing manager performance appraisal

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Marketing manager wages, salary

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Fields related:

The above job descriptions can be used for fields: Product marketing, Trade marketing, online marketing, digital marketing, channel marketing, email marketing, social media, international marketing, retail, internet marketing, sales marketing, customer marketing, regional marketing, web marketing, sports, hotel, strategic marketing, associate marketing, interactive marketing, event, direct, technical, affiliate marketing, fashion, global marketing, it, restaurant, hospital, database…

If you need more free Marketing manager job description forms/templates/formats in details, please leave comments at the end of this post. You also can save as this free file as pdf/doc or download free career, KPI ebooks at sidebar. Update: 2014.

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