57 marketing interview questions

Sample Marketing interview questions and answers.

You should remember that even there are 1000 marketing interview questions. It depend on your business field or marketing field, for example:

– FCMG marketing, industrial marketing…

– Brand, Market searching, Advertising, Internet marketing, Digital marketing, Media channels…

I/ List of common marketing interview questions:

You can ref comment interview questions for marketing field as follows:

1. Tell me about yourself?

This question is commonly asked by most interviewers. It is a simple question; however, as the first one, it gains you more confidence and helps you create the first impression for the interviewers.

a. Answer structure:

• Make a brief of your personal information: name, hometown, age and family status.
• Education: state your main diplomas and certificates in relation to the job.
• Experience: state 3 examples of your experience as you think the most suitable for the job.
• Point out your strengths and weaknesses: This will help the employer assess you more clearly whether you are suitable to the position. Also, describe 3 – 7 strengths on education, experiences, skills and abilities.

b. Answer tips:

• Give brief and relevant information: Remember that you have a little time to answer and this is the first question that impresses the employer. Therefore, try to give relevant information to the position. You should practice with this question at home. Do not include any irrelevant information in the question.
• Don’t make up the information: The employers have many ways to check the accuracy of the information you provide. As this is the first question, it is easy for them to remember your answers.
• Manage your time of answering within 2 – 3 minutes.
• Provide with more details and figures: This makes it easy for the employers to assess you and may make them impressed. For example, instead of just “help increase the sales”, you can try “help increase the sales by 24.7% within 3 months….
• Provide sufficient evidence: such as degrees, certificates or presentation attached to your resume.

2. What are your greatest strengths?

This is one of the simple but most difficult questions. This can be a chance for you to show your strengths but also be risky answering this question.

a. Answer structure:

I have a number of advantages accumulated during my working process, but in my opinion, these following advantages shall help me succeed if I have the chance to work in your company:

List 3 strengths and explain why you have these advantages and conclude with some benefits from those advantages in your former job.

b. Answer tips:

b1. Identify your strengths. First you should note that the strengths may include:

– Education: including knowledge, degrees, certificates and even self-learnt knowledge.

– Experience: Lots of work are hard-training or requires candidates to work at once. Therefore experience is great strength.

– Skills: including techniques, management skill or leadership skill, soft skills.

– Abilities.

Lists 5 – 10 of your strengths.

Then consider which advantages are needed for the applying job, and assess the importance of each advantage.

Compare your advantages and those advantages needed by the applying job to select 3 outstanding ones to present.

Practice presenting your advantages in the order of scale.

b2. List your 3 greatest strengths.

b3. Only list the strengths related to the job.

c. Answer samples

As a team leader, I can deal with challenges and great pressure very well. To me, being fair and righteous in my decision is crucial to the overall performance of the team. Only being a fair and hard-working leader can make your team members work hard and reach a high performance.

3. What are your greatest weaknesses?

No one is without weakness; Don’t hesitate to answer questions like this.

a. Answer structure

You can answer in these following ways:

. Turn your strength into weakness.

I am a perfectionist, so I do not like to handle my work to others because they often get the work done not as fast and qualified as I do.

This answer is only appropriate if you are a good employee, not a manager.

. Turn your weakness into opportunity:

You can turn your weaknesses into opportunities for you to learn and overcome challenges, for example:

I am a perfectionist and I often require people to work as myself, but I realize that if I tolerate then my employees cannot make any progress. Thus, I decide to handle my work so that my employees have the chance to experience and face with difficulties.

b. Answer tips

Do not show that you are a perfect person, yet do not mention too specifically.

Assess the weakness

– List 3 – 5 your true weakness.
– Give solutions to your weakness.
– Consider whether these weaknesses are related to the job or not?
– Select some weaknesses to practice for the interview.

c. Answer samples

Perfectionist: I can be described as a perfectionist; however, that could be my weakness. I focus too much on details and this often gives much pressure on my subordinates; however, I am trying to resolve this weakness. Stepping back and looking at a bigger scenario should be a better way of moving on than going straightforward and focusing on smaller details.

Not good with customers: I am not very good at communicating directly with customers; as a result, I’d like to sit at back office. But don’t misunderstand. I like people, too, just not the best salesman in the world, or even a good salesman. I feel it will be much better to take a supportive role than an initiative one.

Hate paperwork: Working with paperwork is really frustrating to me. I always have difficulties dealing with this. I think it will be easier for me to do all my paperwork at a certain time rather than complete each of them at different times. That’s too hard to keep up with.

4. Why did you quit your last job?

a. Answer structure

Give the reason why you leave your last job.

Explain the reason in 1 minute.

Reason samples:

• Applying for a more challenging position.
• Having a chance to work in a larger and more robust organization.
• Opportunity to work in a more technologically advanced environment.
• Salary increase.
• Applying for a more senior position.
• Termination of contract (date).
• Change of profession or area of expertise.
• Further education.
• Travel.

b. Answer tips

• Give the best reason, do not mention too many.
• Do not talk bad your last company, your boss or your colleague.
• Do not emphasize the past; focus on the reasons and the answers towards your future. Clearly point out your targets and career orientation.
• If the company downsizes or stops doing business in certain field, give the reason and number convincingly.

5. What kind of salary are you looking for this marketing position?

a. Answer structure

Provide salary scale which is acceptable for you. Or answer that: I’d like to have the salary which matches my ability. Yet I’d also like to know the salary scale for this position.

Then explain that you will give the more specific number if you know work details.

b. Answer tips

• In any case, you should not answer this question right away because the salary you recommend can be too high or too low.
• Before answering, ask for description for the job; the goals, the difficulties and how to assess the working performance.
• You can also give the answer via email after the interview.
• Do not answer this question too generally or too safe, the interviewers like numbers. You can answer in a certain range, but you need the job requirements before giving the exact number.

c. Answer samples

Sample 1: I don’t care very much about salary. What means more to me is the policy and working environment the company is offering and supplying me with.

Sample 2: I look up to salary not to make ends meet, but to enjoy my life. I’m afraid I am not the one who only concerns about paying bills but not others. Therefore, when I look for a job, I expect a high consideration which suits my ability and goals.

6. What experience do you have in marketing field?

a. Answer structure

You can answer this question in the following steps:

• List your relevant experiences and responsibilities of each of your work in the past.

• Then present 1 – 3 achievements and difficulties in each job.

• Synthesize what you learn from these experiences.

b. Answer tips

• First you should note that: detail your experience you have in your resume.

• With the unique experience for your applying job, highlight it in the key competencies.

You have little or no experience in this field. Don’t worry, you may work in another position but still have the skills to perform this task.

The most important among those experiences is the learning ability as well as the skills gained in this job.

c. Answer samples

I have working in this field for 2 years and currently been half way through my education on engineering. I also participated in several training courses about AutoCAD design and rather got familiar with this. I am confident that I can manage these duties very well.

7. Why do you think you would do well at this marketing job?

a. Answer tips

List your qualifications (including knowledge, abilities, and skills) which are suitable for the job.

You can refer to the answers in “what are your greatest strengths?”

Show the relation between your job ambition and how you can carry it out.

b. Answer samples

Sample 1: I believe I will do this job very well. I have adequate experience and skills for this responsibility. Besides, I’m enthusiastic and very dynamic which shall devote all my effort and mind to perform my duties.

Sample 2: Definitely, I will do well. I already have much experience in this job and I will not let those experiences not being utilized for a greater benefit. I am willing to learn and will improve my qualification for such a greater benefit.

Other marketing interview questions

8. Why do you want to apply for a marketing position?

9. Did you consider applying to other areas or positions aside from marketing?

10. How do you handle pressure? How do you cope up with a stressful situation?

11. State an instance where you were able to convince someone to do something that he is not ardently driven on doing.

12. You think you could handle traveling to different places for a price of a good deal?

13. How could you market a hardware product with only $400 at hand?

14. How well do you think you can handle a customer?

15. Do you choose a customer?

16. How will you handle a difficult customer?

17. Is promptness important in dealing with customer? Or is it just a minor thing for you thinking that a customer could wait?

18. Do you have any marketing experience? If none, do you think you can handle the job?

19. Is quota a bad word for you? Does this word irritate or scare you?

20. What technologies or ways should you leverage to productively reach your clients?

21. What will you do when a customer says no? Will you walk away?

22. What can you do to help your company identify weaknesses in your customers’ experiences? Light us with your ways on how to add improvements that lead to increase profits.

23. Given a product, could you draw a marketing plan for me? State the particular product or services and the company that you are negotiating with.

24. Given a particular product, how will you identify your target market and how will you find them?

25. Illustrate at least 3 marketing campaigns you have handled in the past, how did you deliver them and what are the reasons why they failed or succeeded?

26. Do you have any idea on what particular product or services we are selling?

27. You think you could sell our product?

28. How can marketing lead the way toward customer centricity? What experience do you have to support your answer?

29. What is a customer-centric marketing organization, and what five processes has your team implemented to make your entire company more customer-centric?

30. If your current company is not yet customer-centric, what skills does your current marketing team require to lead your company through this change? What steps are you taking to close this skill gap?

31. With whom should you partner to help support this shift to customer-centricity?

32. How can you leverage new channels, tactics, and media to drive customer engagement and intimacy? What steps have you taken to link these divers to your team’s compensation?

33. How can you effectively integrate traditional, maturing, and new media, channels, and tactics?

34. What technologies should you leverage to best reach your clients and integrate your activities?

35. If your company markets through both B2B and B2C channels, describe any channel differences in approaching customer-centricity?

36. What customer experience strategies are disrupting the status quo in your industry? Are these strategic disruptions customer driven? Or were they driven by your competitors? Why?

37. Which of your competitors offer a superior customer experience? How do they do it? How did they preempt you? Did you see it coming? Name five things you are doing right now to address this problem?

38. How could your firm change its organization, processes, and culture to compete more effectively?

39. How can your company pinpoint weaknesses in your customers’ experiences and make improvements that lead to increased profits?

40. What are your top three predictions about how integrated, multichannel marketing in your industry will evolve in 2009? Why?

41. Tell me what kind of marketing plan you would create for product X? (insert product/ service for whatever company you are recruiting)?

42. Who is your target market for product X and where would you find them?

43. What product benefits would you communicate to your target market and why?

44. Describe 3 campaigns you have worked on in the past…how you approached them and why they failed or succeeded?

45. Why do you want to work on this product? (See if their answer is passionate about the product)? Why do you want to work in marketing?

46. Tell them to solve a marketing challenge, such as, “This brand in the past has been perceived as (insert negative thing here…i.e., not customer service focused, not reliable, etc..) How would you solve this problem as a marketing specialist working on that brand?

47. If you had $1,000,000 to invest in a new company what would you do and how would you do it?

48. It is September and you have to increase profits on your product by $5,000,000. What do you do?

49. You have to launch a new product that contains beets. How would you go about determining what to launch and then how would you launch it?

50. You just launched a direct email campaign program to increase online payment on the Amex site. After a week, you see that the results are dismal, what do you do?

51. What is the last ad of ours that you saw that you liked?

52. You are mortons and you want to grow salt – price point is $1.50 generics are $1 and specialty salts are $2 – what do you do? Should you advertise (traditionally the company doesn’t)?

53. You are in charge of a marketing campaign that is of high importance according to your manager and need the call center that is currently operating under full capacity to fun your program. How do you go about handling this situation?

54. Tell me about a time in which you used strategic thinking?

55. What things do you think keeps the CEO up at night?

56. What are the biggest issues that are affect our business?

57. If you had only $500 to market your new pharmaceutical product how would
you do it?

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