Manufacturing interview questions

Manufacturing interview questions include questions as below:

1. When the order import program is run it validates and the errors occurred can be seen in?
2. What is the difference between purchase order (PO) and sales order?
3. What are primary and secondary price lists?
4. Name some tables in shipping/order/move order/inventory?
5. How is move order generated?
6. Production downtime, as well as, unexpected breakdowns increases the costs of manufacturing. Tell us about a situation in which you reduced or recovered production or maintenance costs?
7. What is order type?
8. Explain the Order Cycle?
9. What are the required fields when entering an order in the Order Entry Screen?
10. Can there be any step/procedure of Expiry of a Sales Order whether all shipments have been made or not?
11. What is the difference between lot control and serial control?
12. What are picking rules?
13. How do approach a problem? Do you prefer to assess a problem quickly and initiate a fix, or take some time to consider the situation and possibly seek advice before arriving at a decision?
14. When was the last time you had a conflict with a co-worker or supervisor? How did you both resolve it?
15. Give an example of a failure or disappointment that you’ve experienced and what you learned from it?
16. What are Defaulting Rules?
17. What are different Order Types?
18. Where do you find the order status column?
19. What is the table to find out the parent and child component relation in bill of material?
20. What work-related achievement are you are the most proud of?
21. Describe your with tracking quality metrics?
22. Tell us about your experience in training and guiding others in work-instructions, safety requirements, or company policies?
23. What are the Process Constraints?
24. What is a Pick Slip Report?
25. At what stage an order cannot be canceled?
26. What is Order Import and What are the Setup’s involved in Order Import?
27. What is Document Sequence?
28. What kind of work have you done with maintenance planning, costing, scheduling, and on-time project completion activities? In which past job functions were they?
29. We are seeking someone who can be effective as a mediator between production and maintenance or operations and management. Give an example of your ability to perform as a mediator?

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