Maintenance supervisor job description

Maintenance supervisor job description

1. Key duties of Maintenance supervisor

1. Maintain sufficient inventories of tools, parts and supplies in order to properly maintain the property.

2. Maintains systems for monitoring and tracking service requests, preventive maintenance work performed, compliance with Hazard Communications program requirements, compliance with safety requirements, supplies and parts inventories, purchases, and turn-key operations.

3. Keeps storage and shop areas in a neat, well-stocked, clean, organized manner, per company color-coded program.

4. Assists property manager with preparation of maintenance operating budgets in accordance with owner objectives. Assists with preparation of re-forecasts as required.

5. Works with property team to adhere to budgeted cost parameters.

6. Order and purchase supplies, equipment and contract work according to required purchasing and bidding procedures.

7. Ensures strict adherence to the property key control policy, insuring that locks are changed as required and that keys are properly cut and dispensed.

8. Regularly inspects property for safety and security issues, including, but not limited to non-functioning lights, ground and trip hazards, broken fences, exposed wiring, pot-holes and sewer line breaks.

9. Ensures adherence to customer service standards. Works with maintenance staff to ensure that resident maintenance issues are dealt with in a timely manner and that proper follow-through is done.

10. Regularly inspects property and insures required maintenance and repairs are completed, as necessary.

11. Solicits bids for outside contract work and schedules and supervises outside contractors.

12. Works with property manager to hire, train and develop on-site maintenance employees according to company policy and procedure.

13. Schedules maintenance employees according to forecasted workloads.

14. Works with property manager to counsel and review maintenance employees as necessary and as required by company policy and procedure.

15. Works with maintenance employees and other property staff to develop an effective, proactive team that works together to achieve property objectives.

16. Ensures adherence to company safety standards, policies and procedures. Insures maintenance staff correctly wears and uses safety equipment, as required. Also, insures that all safety inspections are completed as required and ensures adherence to company key control policies.

17. Maintains property map that clearly identifies all utility cut-offs, the location of hydrants, gas mains and any other property safety information.

18. Works with property manager to conduct regular on-site safety meetings and insures compliance with all federal, state and local safety regulations, including OSHA, EPA, Workers’ Compensation and Hazard Communications. Insures that all hazardous materials are properly labeled, stored and handled.

19. Works with property staff to maximize renewals by performing maintenance procedures as required by the property renewal program.

20. Completes property maintenance tasks and responds to property service requests. Repairs and maintains property plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and security systems.

2. Job specification of Maintenance supervisor

Job specification (KSAs) of Maintenance supervisor include: knowledge, skills, abilities conditions.

You can refer at: Maintenance supervisor job specification.

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