Maintenance interview questions

Maintenance interview questions

These questions can be applied for maintenance manager, maintenance assistant, maintenance supervisor, maintenance engineer, maintenance workers…

Sample interview questions for maintenance positions

These are some Maintenance interview questions as follows:

1. What are methods of maintenance?

2. Please tell me a maintenance process?

3. Please tell me safety principles of maintenance?

4. Please let me know maintenance requirements in ISO 9000?

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Sample interview questions

1. Tell me about yourself?

2. What are your greatest strengths?

3. What are your greatest weaknesses?

4. Why did you quit your last job?

5. Why do you want to work here?

6. What do co-workers say about you?

7. Are you applying for other jobs?

8. What do you know about us?

9. What kind of salary are you looking for?

10. How long would you expect to work for us if hired?

11. Do you know anyone who works for us?

12. Why should we hire you?

13. What Is Your Dream Job?

14. What are you looking for in a job?

15. Are you willing to work overtime?

16. What experience do you have in this field?

17. Do you consider yourself successful?

18. What have you done to improve your knowledge in the last year?

19. Describe your work ethic?

20. Are you a team player?

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