Job analysis example

It include 6 types of question based on methods as follows:

1. Sample questions of critical incident technique

It is a job analysis form that include factors:

• Context Questions
• Behavior question

2. Job analysis interview questions sample/example

It is a job analysis form that include factors:

• Job purpose:
• Job duties
• Job criteria / results
• Records and Reports
• Supervisor
• Authority
• Working instruments
• Health and safety
• Working conditions
• Responsibilities
• Knowledge
• Skills/ Experience
• Abilities required

3. Job analysis interview questions for management positionssample/example

It is a job analysis form that include factors:

• Management by functions
• Management by activities

4. Position analysis questionnairesample/example

It is a job analysis form that include includes 195 items of job elements includes six categories.

These questions are designed base on Position Analysis Questionnaire model (PAQ model).

5. Functional job analysis questionssample/example

This sample include questions designed base on FJA method.

6. Job Analysis Questionnairessample/example

It is a job analysis form that include factors:
• Physical demands.
• Mental requirements.
• Education:
• Working experience
• Problem solving
• Decision making
• Management responsibilities.
• Contacts
• Job complexity
• Work environment
• Skills and/or licensing/certification required
• Employee info
• Key tasks and responsibilities:

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