Job analysis interview

1. Definition of job analysis interview:

The interview method include asking questions to both incumbents and supervisors in either an individual or a group setting.

2. Classification of job analysis interview:

There are three types of interviews are used to collect job analysis data:

* Individual interviews with each employee.
* Group interviews with groups of employees having the same job, and
* Interview supervisor who are knowledgeable about the job being analyzed.

3. Notes of job analysis interview:

The interviewer must be trained in proper interviewing techniques

4. Types of job analysis interview:

There are two types of interview: unstructured interview and structured interview

Unstructured interview is method with no prepared questions.

Structured interview include normally a job-holder’s sequence of activities in performance and an inventory or questionnaire may be used.

5. Reference documents:

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  1. mary ann says:

    hi, can i have a sample of questions that most likely used in interview method? i would really appreciate it..thank you so much.

  2. Michelle says:

    Can you recommend where someone can receive the training in proper interviewing techniques required?

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