ISO 9001 coordinator job description

ISO 9001 coordinator job description

This post include is contents of job profile/tile such as: job purpose, key duties/responsibilities/tasks and related documents of ISO 9001 coordinator.

Job purpose of ISO 9001 coordinator

Job purpose/job functions of this position to be responsibility for all ISO 9001 implementation.

Key duties/responsibilities of ISO 9001 coordinator:

1. Coordinates with relevant personnel in product development.

2. Assist / Suggest Q.M.R. in developing training plan for management and staff.

3. Ensures that inspection activities carried out at different stages in the process adhere to the Quality plan.

4. Responsible to attend Management Review Meetings session.

5. Reviews with Q.M.R. the process in terms of the assignments of last meeting, documentation prepared by each member, rectification of non-conformities, achievements of quality objectives.

6. Follow up Q.M.R. assign’s targets or specific assignments to the members of the Management Review. Ensures the availability of resources required in the completion of assignments.

7. Briefs the progress to Quality Management Representative regarding the implementation process of quality management system.

8. Maintains files of the minutes of the meeting

9. Assist Q.M.R. in establishing and developing of new project developments in organization.

10. ISO audit coordinator, attend quality coordinator meeting, quality coordinator roles and responsibilities, internal and external audits, focal point in developing quality plans.

11. Trains new employees on documentation systems and Review to assure is correct and complete.

12. Stimulate quality awareness and implications with all employees.

13. Initiate process for corporate ISO 9001 certification

14. Coordinate with Q.M.R. in the implementation of a quality management standard, such as ISO-9000.

15. Coordinates with the personnel in the relevant departments for development of detailed procedures. Initiates actions to implement the same.

16. Organize all the activities involved in carrying out internal quality audits with Q.M.R. to check whether system is in conformance with the documented procedures.

17. Responsible to ensure that the latest versions of relevant records are available to the users concerned.

18. Check Departmental head files containing copies of procedures, formats and job descriptions etc.

19. ISO-Coordinator has authority to hold any non-compliance activity in system and reported to Q.M.R. / Administrator / Chief Executive for further action.

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