Internal recruitment

1. What is internal recruitment?

Internal recruitment is a process of recruiting people internally within the organization.

2. Internal sources of recruitment

• Present permanent employees (based on programs of career development).
• Present temporary / casual employees.
• Retired employees.
• Dependents of deceased disabled, retired and present employees.

3. Methods of internal recruitment

• Intranets.
• Staff notice boards.
• In-house magazines / newsletters.
• Internal notices.
• Meetings.
• Personal recommendation – often referred to as ‘word of mouth’.

4. Advantages of internal recruitment

• Cheaper and quicker to recruit.
• People already familiar with the business and how it operates.
• Provides opportunities for promotion with in the business – can be motivating.
• Business already knows the strengths and weaknesses of candidates.

5. Disadvantages of internal recruitment

• Limits the number of potential applicants.
• No new ideas can be introduced from outside the business.
• External candidates might be better suited / qualified for the job.
• May cause resentment amongst candidates not appointed .
• Creates another vacancy which needs to be filled.
• Longer process.

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    i think both forms of recruitment is good, and choosing anyone of them will depend on the dynamics of the organization.

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