Insurance job descriptions

Insurance job descriptions

1. Job description types of Insurance department

Insurance specialist
Insurance consultant
Insurance account manager
Insurance risk analyst
Insurance Policy Processing Clerks
Insurance sales agents
Insurance underwriter
Insurance broker
Insurance claims clerk
Insurance claims adjuster
Claims examiner
Financial adviser

2. Basic functions of Insurance positions

• Work with brokers, fronting insurance company and captive insurance company on local country policy issuance, premium collection and claim payments.
• Work with brokers and insurers to ensure compliance with insurance regulations.
• Provide international loss data to actuaries and review actuarial reports.
• Review insurance policies and reinsurance agreements.
• Responsible for global insurance budget and premiums for international subsidiaries.
• Review and monitor large international claims

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Tips to write effective job description

Not having the job description reviewed by others:

This is also a common mistake. One may be subject to bias, but more than one, especially with the help of those external advisor, the job description can be more perfect.

Not specific enough:

Be specific and concise; if you don’t address the specific, then what the job description is for. It is for the candidate to understand just exactly what he needs to do or needs to have. Lacking details can confuse the candidates very well.

Listing unnecessary functions or job duties:

Just classifying these into the “others” category will save you a lot of effort and space. On the other hand, the job description will become more dilute and easy to be neglected.

Using buzzwords or abbreviations:

In fact, it is not necessary at all to use such in a job description.

Using slang or legal words:

just use common wording to communicate with others and don’t do anything extraordinarily.

Not updating the job description:

The same job may require different duties and responsibilities in different times, so, you cannot use the same job description for 2 different times.

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3 Responses to “Insurance job descriptions”

  1. Vy Nguyen says:

    Dear Sirs ,
    I am Vy ( Mr. ) . I am promoted to QA manager and my responsible to build up quality system for our comapny . A medical device company

    I would like to receive job description for position as :

    Quality representative
    QA manager

    Please help me by sending samples or introduce website that I can search

    Thank you in advance

    With best regards ,

    Vy, Nguyen

  2. Obed Chiluka says:

    Dear Sirs ,
    I have been recently selected in a Managerial role for an Industrial group of companies involved in steel manufacture and Yarn spinning mills.

    My areas of involvement would be HRD, Document Control, Relationship Management, MIS. I have graduated in MBA (HR) and M.Sc (Operations & Services Mgmt)

    I request you to suggest suitable job Description and title.

    Please help me by sending samples or introduce website that I can search

    Thank you in advance

    With best regards ,

    Obed Chiluka

  3. Mohamed says:

    Dear Sir,

    My name is mohamed. At present i am working with the insurance brokers in dubai as an underwriter (motor & medical). Now i am going to join with the insurance company as an insurance consultant. My job description completely changed from underwriting to marketing.

    So, Kindly advice and give me the brief description about how & where can i get the clients to get the insurance business such as motor, medical, PAR, CAR, workmen compensation insurances etc,

    I await for your valuable response.



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