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Job interview may be one of the most important meetings that you may take during your lifetime. Although it just lasts a few hours or few days, job interview gives you a chance to talk and interact with a person– who may give decisions on whether you are employed or not.

Thanks to such changes and growth of companies, these days, interview is not something that contains one single interaction, but contains a number of interactions with those who have various backgrounds and get in various interviews with the company. Each of these interviews has a great impact on whether you are employed or not to work for the company. In which, the most important one is the Interview with Human Resources as well as such questions and answers for this interview.

1. HR planning interview questions

• What is competency mapping?
• How to conduct job analysis?
• What is HR scorecard?
• How to set up HR strategy?
• How to measure effectiveness of workforce?
• What is core competency of HR?

2. Recruitment and selection interview questions

• Tell us how many selection methods are used in recruitment and selection process?
• How many recruitment channels in this …?
• Describe recruitment and selection process?
• How to check candidate?

3. Health and safety interview questions

• What is MSDS?
• How to be compliance with H&S regulation of local law?

4. Training and development interview questions

• How many are training methods?
• Describe training process?
• How to do career development?

5. Compensation and benefits interview questions

• How many methods are used to pay employee?
• What are compensation and benefit setup for senior positions at our industry?

6. Corporate culture interview questions

• How to set up corporate culture in our industry?

7. General HR interview questions

• What is human resource management?
• What do you prefer recruitment or selection?
• How do you motivate your employees?
• What is more important to you money or position?
• How does you define empowerment?
• How can you make use of IT in HRM?
• Suggest a training program/workshop for feedback skills?
• Why do you think HRM is important?
• What are retention strategies?
• What do you mean by 360? feedback?
• Which one is more better mentoring or coaching?
• How would you terminate an employee who is not performing?
• What is the difference between personnel management and human resource management?
• What aspect of supervision do you find the most difficult?
• How do you motivate employees?
• What are the competitive challenges in Human Resource Management?
• Explain managing changes in HRM?
• Why do you want to work in HR and why is confidentiality so important?
• May a deceased employee remain on the payroll to exhaust her annual leave accrual?
• Does an agency have to provide an employee with time off if the employee is donating blood?
• What is the Career Scope for the person working in HR.
• If a person who is physically Disable and is working in HR Wants to migrate to some foreign country. Is he capable of doing so?

You can develop above interview questions for positions of human resources manager, hr executive…

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