How to write a person specification

How to perform / conduct a person specification ? You should do 4 steps as follows for conducting / writing a person specification.

Step 1: Collect job information

Based on methods of job analysis.

Step 2: Setup procedures, working instructions.

Identify procedures, working instructions…for each task, then identify sub-task (task ->sub-task).

Step 3: Identify job specification for each task

Step 4: Create a person specification


  • Writing a person specification is the same writing a job specification.
  • Person specification will correlate with the job specification but it not include any requirements which are not necessary for the job.
  • You should refer all information in post “how to write a job specification”.

How to develop person specifications?

You should use KSA model or competency model in order to develop person specification

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Competency list

• Attainments (e.g. highest level of education completed, relevant sales experience, abilities to perform certain tasks)
• Aptitudes (e.g. verbal reasoning, numerical aptitude, psychometric testing etc)
• Personal Interests (social activities, sporting activities, hobbies and personal achievements)
• Personal Circumstances (e.g. flexibility to work shifts or overtime, full or part time work, etc.
• Languages (e.g. is the ability to speak other languages important?

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