How to write a job specification

How to perform / conduct a job specification ? You should do 4 steps as follows for conducting /writing a job specification.

Step 1: Collect job information

Collecting job information include elements:

  • Prepare a list of all jobs in the company and where they are located.
  • Collect all written job description used.
  • List task of position.

Step 2: Setup procedures, working instructions.

With each task, you should answer question: how to do this task, results of this question are:

  • Procedures.
  • Working instructions.
  • Machine using instructions.
  • MSDS (material safety data sheet).

Based on above documents, you will identify sub-task (task to sub-task).

Step 3: Identify job specification for each task

Each task, you should answer questions as follows:

  • What is knowledge necessary to perform this task?
  • What is skill necessary to perform this task?
  • Same questions for ability, experience‚Ķ

You also design a table which include columns: No, Tasks, knowledge, skills, experience, abilities (include physical specifications, mental specifications), Licenses/Certification etc.

Step 4: Create a job specification

Based on above specifications, you group them into category as knowledge, skills…
You also can refer to posts: contents of a job specification and free sample job specification as below in order to complete your job specification.

How to develop job specifications?

You should use KSA model or competency model in order to develop person specification

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