Hotel cover letters

Hotel cover letters

I. Cover letter types of Hotel department

You can find cover letter of each position by clinking links below:

• Hotel general manager
• Hotel director
• Hotel assistant manager
• Hotel chief engineer
• Hotel maintenance engineer

II. A template of Hotel cover letter

You can find more detail at cover letter of each position above.

1. Your contact information

• Name
• Address
• City
• State
• Zip Code
• Phone
• Email

2. Date:

3. Employer contact information

• Name
• Title
• Company
• Address
• City
• State
• Zip Code

4. Ref: Hotel position on date of …………….

5. Salutation

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name (or department name…)

6. First Paragraph

The first paragraph of your letter should include:
• What position you are applying for.
• Where you found the job listing

7. Middle Paragraph(s)

• Knowledge and education
• Experience:
• Skills
• Abilities

8. Final Paragraph

9. Complimentary Close

10. Signature

III. Related docs to Hotel cover letter

Hotel job descriptions
Hotel interview questions
Hotel resumes

Tips to write your cover letter:

1. Don’t add personal stories in your letter

Note that you only have one page to write your cover letter. So, such irrelevant information as personal stories shall only distract the attention of the employer.

2. Avoid using passive voice

Combine the use of active verbs and bullet & numbering to demonstrate your skills and experiences. Don’t use passive voice; instead, use verbs such as ‘work’, ‘participate’, ‘achieve’, or ‘coordinate’…

3. Avoid repeating words

Use different expressions to demonstrate one same point. Avoid repeating words as it may bore the employer reading your cover letter. Try to find a similar word and expression and replace the repeated one and remember that, the shorter the better.

4. Don’t use flashy presentation

Though presentation of a cover letter is important, don’t make it too much flashy. Use uniform format such as font, size or heading. Avoid using stylish presentation. Don’t tend to be creative here. This is professional recruitment, not a presentation for you to attract the employer with images and color.

Extracted from: 31 tips to writer an effective cover letter.

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