Goal setting questions

15 goal setting questions

I. Introduction about goal setting

Questions below will help you interview candidates about their goal setting.

II. Interview questions of goal setting

1. What (exactly) do you want to achieve? this year, 3-years goals, 5 – year goals?

2. Who needs to be involved in this goal process in order to accomplish it successfully?

3. Why invest time and energy into this goal?

4. Why would this goal relate to purpose, vision, or organizational values?

5. Who possesses the skills and talent necessary to meet the goal or do we need to train?

6. What are conditions of a goal?

7. What actions need to be taken and detailed tasks done to achieve a successful goal?

8. What is the plan for how often goals should be reviewed against measurement criteria?

9. What is the objective or challenge that needs to be reached?

10. When should this future be realized and what are the requirements and deadlines?

11. When will the goal be realized and how will progress be measured?

12. Why are these results important and what are the benefits?

13. Where will the goal and accomplishment of goal take place?

14. Where does the company, department, or team need to be in the near future?

15. Why is this important right now or in the next few months?

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  1. Owen Bell says:

    Goal setting is very important if you want something to be done in a short period of time.:*;

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