Forced Choice form

Forced Choice form in performance appraisal

1. Design question Forced Choice

Requirements of questions: both statements in the pair may be positive or negative.

• Learns quickly: ____work is reliable____
• Performance is exemplary: ____usually tardy____
• Quality of work: ____quality is good____
• Absent too often: ____works hard____

2. Deployment of Forced Choice form

• This form is conducted by line manager.
• The rater is required to choose the most descriptive statement in each pair of statements.

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Forced Choice Questions

1. I would never want to overtly prohibit interracial dating, but deep down I don’t think people should do it.
2. I do not support discrimination or violence against lesbian or gay people, but I do believe they are sinful and going to hell.
3. I have nothing against Arabs, but after September 11, I am somewhat uncomfortable and suspicious around them.
4. I believe that immigrants have a moral obligation to learn English if they move to the United States.
5. I believe that Affirmative Action unfairly discriminates against white people.
6. I feel that the Elderly get a disproportionate share of our country’s resources.
7. People can escape poverty by working hard.
8. I believe most people who go before the criminal justice system are probably guilty.

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