Food lion cashier job description sample

Food lion cashier job description sample

A complete job description concludes Food lion cashier key duties/responsibilities, Food lion cashier career qualifications (knowledge, education, skills, abilities, experience…KSA model) and other ones such as daily tasks, key activities, key/core competencies, job functions/purpose…

I. Job purpose:

The Cashier position not only asks the employee to provide customer service but also make ticket/monetary transactions. The cashier has to know how to use equipment to calculate parking fees, collect payments from customers and make change if necessary. Besides, a cashier also has to make reports and make sure that the all the transactions are done accurately.

II. Key duties/responsibilities of Food lion cashier

1. Provide perfect customer service which satisfies customer’s requirement.
2. Pack, weigh or label product when needed.
3. Fulfill the counter and make the refrigerators tidy and accurate according to per pricing menu.
4. Make sure that all the foods are eye-catching and they must be conformed to the quality standards.
5. Make sure that food is kept and displayed in the suitable temperature according to Department of Health standards.
6. Prepare food carefully, exactly and in timely manner as assigned.
7. Make sure that food is prepared, decorated, and served with cleanliness, safety and complied with hygienic regulations.
8. Clean counters and equipments and keep them from rubbish.
9. Make sure that all equipments are clean and tidy as required.
10. Tidy and clean the floor and service place and keep them far from garbage.
11. Keep workplace clean before changing to another duties or finishing shift.
12. Pack or decorate food carefully according to department standards.
13. Inform BOH or management instantly if food quantities or supplies are not enough.
14. Comply with all policies, quality standards, procedures and expectations of the company and departments.
15. Implement cashier tasks at the counter (see Cashier job description).
16. Divide or cut food if guest requires.

III. Job qualifications of Food lion cashier

1. High School diploma/GED preferred .

2. Must have at least one year of cashier and cash handling experience, and be comfortable handling and counting his or her own cash drawer.

3. Ability to calculate numbers, correct entries, and post to records.

4. Ability to effectively communicate accounting information, policies, and/or procedures in a manner easily understood by the customer.

5. Ensuring customer satisfaction

6. Accuracy and honesty of handling revenues and aspects of the revenue control system

7. Ability to communicate effectively with both employees and customer

8. Good math skills

9. Good analytical skills

10. Ability to multi-task and work under pressure

11. Qualified candidates must have a proven ability to act on and solve minor problems as they arise

12. Complete tasks as assigned by manager

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