Financial consultant job description

Financial consultant job description

Job purpose of Financial consultant

To be supporting the management of an existing book, including components of compliance and sales.

I. Key duties/responsibilities of Financial consultant:

1. Actively propose needs-based financial solutions to new Bank clients as well as servicing current relationships through ongoing account reviews and re-evaluation of client needs.
2. Sell effectively by establishing relationships with customers, finding their needs and then offering appropriate solutions in a compelling way so the customer sees the value, understands the features and benefits and purchases the solution.
3. Responsible for balancing investment growth, increasing revenues, referral activities, customer follow-up, prospect building and personal growth and development.
4. Focus on building profitable, affluent relationships and strategic business partnerships and must have a wide range of knowledge about financial investment strategies and Bank products and services.
5. Engage in relationship management activities so that relationships are nurtured and expanded, additional needs are met and friends and relatives are freely referred.
6. Analyze customer situation, determining best advice and product approach for customer contact situations.
7. Engaging in activities that enable access to those customers who may not frequently use the branch system.
8. Prospect outside the financial institution in order to bring in new customer relationships.
9. Maintain, on a weekly basis, activity log to substantiate advisory and referral activity; follows up on the activity levels of all products.
10. Provides prudent and suitable investment recommendations to individual and corporate clients.
11. Prospecting within the financial institution by establishing relationships with customer contact associates to find appropriate customers and introduce them.
12. Market, service, and promote the bank’s financial products.
13. Coordinate promotions, communications and training of investment products with assigned branches.
14. Focus on expanding customer relationships where opportunities exist.
15. Provides securities, annuities, and insurance products to new and established accounts; develops new business through leads generated from partnering and relationship building skills.
16. Follow up on sales calls to maintain continued relationships.
17. Consult with experienced Senior Financial Consultant as necessary.
18. Strive to maximize revenues and profits by building strategic client and business partner relationships.
19. Effectively source prospective clients, capitalize on Bank referrals, profile customer needs, refer customers to the appropriate service provider and execute highly customized solutions to meet the needs of the customer.

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