Finance manager job description

Finance manager job description

This post include is contents of job profile/tile such as: job purpose, key duties/responsibilities/tasks and related documents of Finance manager.

I. Sample functions of Finance manager

You can ref some functions as follows:

1. Planning and development

• Take responsibility for overall management and delivery of the business plan.
• In conjunction with the governing body, draft, monitor and assess the business and development plan.
• Assess options for coordinating the activities, procedures and systems so as to promote common policies and practices.
• Manage the development of the service to ensure that the promotion of equality of opportunity and challenging discrimination are central to strategic development, management and its services to clients.

2. Resource acquisition

• Develop the organization’s funding base to secure present and future service delivery.
• Liaise and negotiate, as appropriate, with the funding authority and other funding sources on future service delivery initiatives and developments in conjunction with the operations Manager.
• Maintain appropriate relations with funders and make reports as necessary, ensuring compliance with any contracts.
• Identify opportunities for funded development of the service and to submit bids and applications accordingly.

3. Financial management

• Maintain day-to-day financial control of the service within budget heads agreed by the trustee board.
• Ensure that all finances are properly administered and monitored, including credit control.
• Support the Honorary Treasurer in the provision of information for the estimates.
• Advise on the proper allocation of resources.
• Ensure that appropriate financial regulations and controls are in place and in use at all times.
• Prepare and review detailed budgets for approval by the governing body in conjunction with the Honorary Treasurer and/or appropriate Sub-Committee.
• Make regular reports to the governing body on income, expenditure and any variations from budgets.
• Ensure that all financial reporting obligations are met in relation to submissions for funding, for grant aid, for contracts and any other initiatives.
• Act as cheque signatory for and authorize expenditure up to limits as agreed by the governing body.

4. Staff management

• Ensure, delegating as appropriate, that each service location is adequately managed, staffed and resourced.
• Overview of Policies and Procedures, Employment, Volunteer and Internship Agreements.

5. Public relations and social policy

• Develop and oversee appropriate publicity through effective relations with the media, other community organizations and through public speaking.

6. Customer/ Associates section

• Process customer financing fast and efficiently.
• Introduce 100% of customers to the assistant finance director.
• Maintain customer satisfaction ratings at or above department objective.
• Assist other finance managers with customers and promote a helpful team environment in the department.
• Search for solutions to problems.
• Understand there is no situation extraordinary enough to excuse lack of courtesy toward any customer or employee.
• Maintain good relationships with salespeople and seek out opportunities to assist in their training.

7. Financing production section

• Keep your pending and delivered report updated daily.
• Set personal sales goals – short term & long term.
• Review your monthly and annual forecasts.
• Always learn more about your products.
• Share your successes and work on solutions to problem areas.

8. Administrative section

• Be on time and prepared.
• Dress for success – shirt and tie required daily.
• Ensure all necessary paper work is correct for each customer.
• Keep your office supplied with correct forms to complete each customer transaction.

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