Experience Certificate

Experience Certificate

A certificate of experience is a letter which is written on behalf of a staff. The letter gives confirmations of the time that the staff has worked for the company, such skills he has fulfilled so far, his smartness, or working habits. This is regard as one of the most important document you need in order to seek a new job. The certificate of experience should be formatted with the length of one-paragraph but not a whole page like the letter of reference.


Experience Certificate

May 1st, 2011

To Whomsoever It May Concern

This certificate is to confirm that Mr. John worked for our Company during the period of _____in the position of a Marketing Manager.

His main tasks were to fulfill work in the Marketing Department such as doing market research, setting marketing strategies, promotions and advertisements, management of brand or giving assistance to sales…
His expertise in this field is very good. During his working time here, he managed to deal with many kinds of tasks that showed his competencies and hard-working. We deeply believe that he is a self-starter who knows how to motivate others, takes duties, is very committed to teamwork and has broad knowledge.

We are from (Name of Company) hope his to get success in his future career.

For (Company Name).

Human resources Manager

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